Sacramento Skimboard Sessions: Rollins Lake

Sacramento is one of the holy lands of flatland skimboarding. For good reason too, with the likes of Lon Porteus, Matt Head, Matt Matteucci, Adam Balaam, Ruben Luis Gutierrez and a long, long, long list of skimboarders who changed and influenced flatland skimboarding for future generations. Matt McDonald recently made the trip to Sac for the Land or Slam skim Jam. Here’s part 2 of the trip featuring the photos Matt captured. You can view part 1 here.

Words by Matt McDonad |

The day after the Land or Slam event in Sacramento (read about that here) DB Skimboards rider Isaac and I met up with Kayotics riders Ruben Luis Gutierrez Trey Conley and JD Brown and Tyler Lambert and Joshua Jensen for a session at Rollins Lake.

Simply put, Lake Rollins is fire. Isaac said it was easily one of his top 5 favorite skimboarding spots of all time, which says a lot. In the past, when I have traveled to shoot photos and film with skimboarders I don’t always skim myself because the skim is not that great. I had to skim Rollins Lake though and Isaac took a few photos of me skimboarding (there is a reason I shoot photos and am not in front of the camera).


After I got a few runs in I got behind the camera and started shooting.
























Overall, this spot is an amazing place to go for the day or camp for an extended weekend. If you have a boat it is even better.

It was a great trip to Sacramento and a great way to end my two years as an employee at DB Skimboards. I still plan on being part of the skimboard community and working with Skim Magazine. Until next time skimboarders.

A Day Skimboarding Rockies with Blair Conklin

Peep the new video featuring Blair Conklin, David Haefele, Ben Koscielniak and Preston Anderson at spot that has a very fitting name: Rockies.

“This was all filmed on a pretty good day at Rockies. There were also a few good ones over at Around The Rock. It was a good time.”

Riders: Blair Conklin, David Haefele, Ben Koscielniak, Preston Anderson.
Filmers: Preston Anderson, David Haefele, Blair Conklin.
Edited by David Haefele

Video on Youtube CanOpenerCreations


The 40th Annual VIC Video

The 2016 Vic Pro edit by Skylar Wilson is live! Congrats to Brandon Sears for taking first place!

Words by Tex Haines

I do not think we could have asked for a better 40th. It was a plethora of waves, a dearth of sand, an intimate soiree of sand, shorebreak, and sun for all the die hard skimboard fans of the world. Broadcast live around the planet to skimboarders in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, the Philippines, this was a weekend to remember.

It was a quantum leap in excitement, made possible by Matthieu Thibaud’s live scoring system of iPads and cell phone hotspots. For the very first time the riders knew exactly where the scores were falling and what they had to do to keep up or stay ahead. In the semi finals with Blair Conklin and Austin Keene, with only two minutes remaining, Austin was behind and pulled off a couple of huge rides to advance to the finals.

As amazing a rider as Brandon Sears is, he could not hold off the two time runner up. Austin would not be denied. Finishing his last wave, we all knew he had won and the crowd response was a classic chicken skin moment, he emerged from the water with his arms to the sky. Whooowee I will remember that for a long time.

A huge thanks to the sponsors, who make up the pro purse and donate a mountain of prizes for the winners bags. Your community support is so appreciated in our relatively unknown sport, and it goes a long way in making the Vic the very best contest.

It is a team effort. A heck of panel of veteran skimboarders make the judges decisions pretty hard to find fault with. Conley Ware, Keith Peery, Aaron Johnson, Kasey Kiernan, Lance Brooks, we thank you all so much for doing 16 hours of mind numbing conversions of wave rides into a cold hard numbers, sometimes two, three or four riders must be simultaneously dealt with.

Thanks my wife Lynn and my daughter Carly and her BF Nathanial, for handling the thousands of questions at the check in desk as well as pre and post parties and food and drinks for judges and endless questions from me for names on a heat sheet.

Thanks to Dominic Prietto for his stellar discography on Sunday. Skimming with music is the best! Thanks also to our Laguna station 93.5 for rocking the contest on Saturday.

Thanks to the Ranch for hosting our after party in the most memorable setting we have ever had. The patio of the Ranch is where you want to be come evening. The quiet is amazing.

We heard nothing but praise about the accomodations and the atmosphere for the skimboarding guests.

Photo by Sumner Miller


DB Skimboards California Road Trip

DB Skimboards just released their third installment of their Travels and Wanderings series. After a stop in Utah the crew got back into the van and ventured to skimboard at Baker Beach in San Francisco, California. Watch DB team riders Adam Balaam, Adrien Raza and Daniel Priess and more throw down at Baker Beach.

Watch Episode 1: Washington Road Trip
Watch Episode 2: Utah Road Trip

Learn More At:

Filming: Matt McDonald / Bryce Hermansen
Editing: Matt McDonald / Richard Docter







Kayotics Skimboards: NOTHING BUT BANGERS teaser

The Kayotics Skimboards crew is working on a new full-length edit that will be dropping in late June! We are stoked to see all the bangers in the “Nothing But Bangers” feature.

“This is a tiny taste of our full length that we will be dropping in late June. Get stoked and brace yourselves!” – Kayotics Skimboards.