Summer In The City || Episode 1 – Averages

The crew has wandered outside of Orange County to find some potential new skim spots in Los Angeles county. Here is the first of a new mini series called Summer In The City. The goal of these videos is to showcase some new place and remind everyone that you don’t need perfect waves to have fun.

This spot was close to LAX Airport where the crew nick-named the beach Averages, a place that always lives up to its name. This day was actually very below average but the team made the most of it. Enjoy!


Zap Skimboards: The Zap Chimp Skimboard and Roman Hager

Super skimboard grom Roman Hager is stepping up his game on the new Zap Chimp Skimboard. The Chimp skimboard is a perfect board for the skim grom who wants to progress their skills in the water. Checkout the video edited and captured by Dave Scott featuring the music of Panama and the song Always.

It looks like the Chimp hasn’t been full released yet, but we are sure it will be soon.

More information can be found at:


Skimboarding Is The New Black

Skimboarding Is The New Black - Story by Kelli Bean on

Photo by Fabiana Badie of Casey Kiernan, our 2014 SkimUSA and United Skim Tour Womens Pro Champion!

Recently I met the editor of The Mermaid Society, an Australian website for girls of the sea. Sally Mac found the Skim Mermaids Community on Instagram and asked me if I would like to become a contributor, with the desire of incorporating skimboarding into the mix.

Some of the site’s goals are to make it a high level, highly respected go-to site for all things women’s beach sports and culture. A forum of opinion pieces and reviews from women around the world, as well as promoting talented athletes, artists, musicians and academics.

Of course I couldn’t resist and from our conversations, Skimboarding Is The New Black manifested. I am looking forward to seeing where our collaboration takes us, in the meantime I hope my introduction story proves educational for those new to the sport and everyone is feeling represented.

Kelli Bean

2014 Zap Skimboards Championships

The 2014 Zap Skimboards Championships are in the books! Zap rider Casey Ritzer took first in his division and Sam McCoy took first in the semi-pro division with his brother Lucas finishing close at 2nd. It was a great weekend at Dewey Beach and be on the lookout for more photos and video from the event.

Photos and video by Andrew Candella.