WATCH! Brad Domke Skimboard at Jaws

Brad Domke the skimboarder everyone knows from Wabasso, Florida breaks new ground yet again as he takes his finless, strapless skimboard attack to to the legendary, windy wilds of Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on January 4, 2016 Video by Shannon Reporting.

This video is an entry in the Billabong Ride of the Year category of the 2016 WSL Big Wave Awards. For more information see

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Maui’s Spring Break Skim Jam

Spring Break Skim Jam 2015

On March 22, 2015 a newcomer to the sport Edward Oingerang watched over 300 spectators marvel at the 51 competitors he was able to bring together in a very short period of time. I am speaking of the success of this year’s Spring Break Skim Jam which took place at Big Beach in Maui, Hawaii.

Edward and I spoke early on because of being affiliated with the United Skim Tour; knowing how many pro riders would love a Stop in Hawaii and Edward’s keen interest in making this happen. Impressed with Edward’s drive and dedication, I contacted him for all the details.

Words by Kelli Bean
All photos by Lauren Fletcher unless otherwise stated

Hi Edward, great to touch base with you now that the contest is over.

Q: I am curious, are you a local?

A: No, I am originally from Guam. I lived there for 18 years until I joined the military and now currently reside in Maui.

Q: That’s cool, tell us why you love skimboarding?

A: Hmmm. Why do I love skimboarding? I have always loved board sports. When I was growing up, I used to skateboard. When I moved to Alaska, I picked up snowboarding and progressed quickly. I guess I love skimboarding because it has a feel of both sports combined. The feeling I get after hitting that one wrap going into a barrel, or the feeling after boosting and not knowing how much air I got until I realize how long I been in the air for, it’s just unreal. Skimming is one of those sports where we will skim a 3 or 4 hour session for that one good wave of the day.

Q: What inspired you to put on a skim jam in Maui this year?

A: I actually just moved to Maui less than a year ago, and I only started skimboarding about 7-8 months ago.

Edward Oingerang. Photo by @chrisylen on IG
Edward during the contest; photo by Christ Taitano

Since I started skimming, I have been hitting the beach at least 4-5 times a week. I got so addicted. That’s when I noticed there were so many skimmers on Maui who are just as addicted as I am. Also, a lot of these guys are super talented! As I became a regular skimming Big Beach, Maui, I started talking to all the other skimmers. I asked them about the skim scene and past competitions. I asked them if they would ever compete in one and they all pretty much told me they will. This is when I started contemplating Spring Break Skim Jam.

I wanted to try and somehow make Maui a destination for United Skim Tour, but I was told the tour only endorses already existing skimboard competitions. So that’s what gave me the extra push to make this happen.

Seems like it was a natural decision with all the local support you received.

Spring Break Skim Jam was pretty much a spur of the moment idea. As soon as I started thinking about it, I just started asking around for advice. First, the legend, George Bryan was in Maui for a few weeks. I skimmed with him for a couple days and then I asked, “what does it take to get United Skim Tour to Maui?” He said they only endorse already existing competitions. Then secondly, Kelli Bean from Skim Mermaids contacted me and told me the same thing and gave me the idea to contact Sean McClenahan of Skim Hawaii.

I am so glad I contacted you now!

Q: What were the chain of events to make the contest happen?

A: Sean has hosted previous skimboard competitions here on Maui such as ‘Westside Skim Jam’ and ‘Save Makena’. When I contacted Sean, I told him I would get a committee together which consisted of Sean, Brandyn Benson, Daniel Pardini and myself. Once I formed the committee we all met for lunch to throw down dates for the competition, get permits, get help from the best sponsors ever and get support from the Maui skim community. Then bam, Spring Break Skim Jam all came together.

I think about how insane it is that only 2 months ago this competition was only a thought in my mind and then we made it happen and it was a huge success. I would again like to thank everyone that was involved in making Spring Break Skim happen. Mahalo

Q: Is it safe to say there will be a Skim Break Skim Jam next year?

A: Yes there will be a skimboard competition in 2016! It is going to be even bigger! More details will be released around October 2015.

Great to hear!

Q: What are your long-term goals with the contest?

A: My long-term goal is to make Maui apart of United Skim Tour! The skim community is insane here. Being part of the tour would be absolutely epic. It would inspire so many groms as well as amateurs to take their talents to the next level. Skimboarding is already huge here, and this could make the sport even bigger.

Sounds like great reasons Edward! Good luck, and I am here if you need me.

beach shot of Spring Break Skim Jam 2015

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Skim Hawaii offers skimboarding lessons, rentals and sales in Maui. They also deliver boards for free anywhere on the Westside of Maui, offering carbon boards, fiberglass or foam. Whether you are an advanced rider or a beginner, Skim Hawaii has you covered!

Make sure to support Sean and Skim Hawaii while you are in Hawaii.

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Pro Men
1st – Austin Keen
2nd – Jesse Solomon
3rd – Pauli Solomon

Austin Keen at Spring Break Skim Jam

Jesse Solomon by Lauren Fletcher

Pauli Solomon by Lauren Fletcher

Women’s Open
1st – Tia D’Ambrosio
2nd – Lanikila Keliher
3rd – Amber Lewis
4th – Sophia Johnson

Tia D'Ambrosio by Lauren Fletcher

Amber Lewis by Lauren Fletcher

Sophia Johnson by Lauren Fletcher

Amateur Open
1st – Kyle Dettman
2nd – Kernel Franz
3rd – Allen Johnson

1st – Anis Bel
2nd – Isaac Mullen
3rd – Beau Johnston

1st – Carter Bozich
2st – Alexander Vadao

grom Carter Bozich Photo by Denia Elamparo
Carter by Denia Elamparo

1st – Peterlane Gampong
2nd – Erik Covarubbias

beach shot at Spring Break Skim Jam 2015

Beach shot with Austin in his heat
Pro heats underway

Austin the trickster by Lauren Fletcher

Jesse Solomon in the barrel by Lauren Fletcher
Jesse in a barrel

Sean McClenahan by Lauren Fletcher
Sean McClenahan of Skim Hawaii

Brandyn Benson by Lauren Fletcher
Brandyn Benson

Skimboarding Big Beach Hawaii – Featuring Austin Keen

Checkout the dope edit featuring skimboarding at Big Beach in Hawaii and super shredder Austin Keen.

This film and edit was created by Amir Zakeri and he did one hell of a job!

Here’s some words from Amir:

Big thanks to my friend Ian Strickland for capturing the in-water cinematography! Check out his work at

This video features Maui and California skimmers and the world champion Austin Keen. Skimboarding is shorebreak surfing on a finless board. It’s much harder than it looks, trust me haha. I shot this over 4 days, 1 day being all golden hour and sunset video. These guys are very talented and I now consider them all friends. This was all shot at Makena (Big Beach) on Maui.

This was shot on my Canon 6D, Ian’s 7D, and a GoPro Hero 3+. I used my Canon 16-35mm 2.8 L Series lens on the Glidecam and 70-200mm 4.0 L on a tripod. This was shot at 1080p @ 30fps and 720p @ 60fps. I edited in Premiere Pro CC. I color graded within Adobe.

The running shots on the sand were done with a Glidecam HD 2000. You can learn more about Glidecam’s in the link below. They take a learning curve, but are amazing once you get the hang of em!

Make sure to follow Amir’s Youtube account ( for more and contact him at for freelance video/photo opportunities.


Project Hawaii: My Movie

Project Hawaii My Movie

A new skimboarding movie has recently hit the scene and the response has been great! Project Hawaii: My Movie is produced and directed by Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas. Most of you know Keiao as the first UST Women’s Champ, crowned last year in 2013.

Keiao is from Hawaii and has been skimboarding going on eight years now. Besides being sponsored by Exile Skimboards and having her own pro model board, Keiao is also sponsored by WooF Wetsuits and Let’s Party Traction.

Aaron Peluso and his wife were amongst the crowd at the Laguna Beach premiere and is quoted with saying, “Keiao’s performance in her segment was ground breaking for women’s skimboarding.”

Once the DVD arrived in my mailbox, I eagerly ripped off the packaging and popped Project Hawaii: My Movie into the DVD player. I quickly settled into the next hour being completely entertained. The music throughout is upbeat and adds to the ever-growing stoke as each new rider appears.

There is also five extra segments included for our viewing pleasure, a few of my favorites are Moshi Moshi Aloha and Funhouse Flipbook. I was especially proud of Keiao’s part and knew I had to interview her for more details.

Words by Kelli Bean

Q: What inspired you to make a skimboarding movie?

A: I love documenting things that I do in life whether it’s through pictures or video. Skimboarding has become such a big part of my life and I had to document it somehow. The skim scene throughout Hawaii is very small and I felt like this was a way that I would be able to share it with people.

Q: Hawaii is gorgeous so thank you for sharing some of its beauty with us. Which specific locations make up the film?

A: This movie was shot entirely on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. There are numerous locations that we shot at ranging from the popular beach breaks like Sandy Beach, Waimea Bay, Yokohama bay to the other adventurous breaks like Nanakuli, Green Lanterns and Ke’ikis. (All the breaks are listed in the credits.)

Q: Perfect, tell us a bit about each of the riders you showcase.

Project Hawaii My Movie

Project Hawaii My Movie

Alejandro Lopez is from the Virgin Islands. He’s a real chill guy and he has been coming out to Hawaii for the past three years to visit. So I’ve been lucky to be able to hang out with him.

Project Hawaii My Movie

Project Hawaii My Movie

Chris Alreck is from Santa Cruz and he was in Hawaii for college. He’s a really friendly guy and he would always be down to make the trek when a swell rolled in.

Project Hawaii My Movie

Project Hawaii My Movie

Ace Conlon is from the island of Kauai. He’s one of the more technical riders throughout the movie. You can tell that his skim style is influenced by his skating and surfing.

Project Hawaii My Movie

Project Hawaii My Movie

Clark Camp is out of Maui but had been living on Oahu for quite some time. He’s been skimming for a while now and when he’s out in the lineup you can definitely expect a few good laughs.

David Sterman in Project Hawaii

David Sterman in Project Hawaii

David Sterman is another local boy from the North Shore of Oahu. His drive to skim is pretty much what kept me motivated to finish this movie.

Q: I quite enjoyed your part in the movie. What were your feelings around including yourself?

A: I felt a little uncomfortable adding a section in there of myself. I feel like it wasn’t what I really wanted. I was actually really close to not adding my section to the movie. It’s hard because I’m the cameraman. It’s difficult to get people to shoot. Once I do find someone to shoot it’s difficult to get them to shoot me in the way I would want to do it. It’s just that feeling of never being content or that search for perfection that you’ll never get. Adding my section to the movie made the length of it what I felt to be perfect and that is probably why that segment is in there today haha.

Q: Well then, on behalf of all female riders in the sport, we thank you for including your segment! What was it like for you to finish the movie?

A: Finishing this movie was such a bittersweet thing. We did the first premiere in my driveway and we projected the movie up onto the freeway wall. It was so good to see it up there. I was so relieved and content with how it all came out. At the same time it was sad because everyone in the movie had actually moved away minus Chris who was currently in the process of moving back to Santa Cruz. In a sense I felt like it was closing a chapter on these select few of skimmers who have been a part of the Hawaii’s skim and I’ll miss them.

Q: I can empathize with your feelings and think it is great you now have a piece of Hawaii’s skim family documented in such an incredible way. Tell us about your company, Keiao LLC, as well as some of your future projects.

A: Keiao LLC is my own business and it’s pretty much alive to help me fund a hobby of mine. I graduated college with a BA in Communication. I wanted to be a video editor and for a while that’s what I was doing until another job opportunity came up which allowed me to travel and still be flexible with my time. Majority of the work I do comes from custom animated slideshows. I still shoot and edit videos as well. So the money that Keiao LLC makes goes back into the equipment I use for the business. As far as future projects go, I have a couple in mind that do involve skimboarding. I’m hoping things pan out and Keiao LLC can sponsor more skim projects.

Q: I was hoping to hear this so I wish you good luck with these endeavors. How can someone go about purchasing your movie?

A: Project Hawaii: My Movie is in a few skim shops right now. Exile Skimboards on the west coast, Alley Oop on the east coast and if you’re out in Japan hit up KaKaPan Skimshop. Feel free to hit up David Sterman or myself if you don’t live near any of these shops.


Project Hawaii My Movie
Premiere goers by Jose Corpus

Project Hawaii My Movie
Good friend Jasmine Joy with Keiao at a premiere. Photo by Jose Corpus

Jasmine Joy – “It took Keiao over four years to capture some of our best skimboarders riding the gnarliest waves Hawaii has to offer. Her talent as a videographer runs parallel with her skills in the tube. Watching her movie is so invigorating because I understand all the energy and passion she put into this project. If you don’t own a copy… Get one now!”

Project Hawaii My Movie
Photo By Keiao