New Skimboard Video Teaser: Worst Case Ontario

French Bay Skim based out of Ontario, Canada just released a teaser for their new edit.

“We present our newest movie, Worst Case Ontario. No budget, no bs, no goon movie. This video features- Shaymus Finlay, Holden aarlaht, Georgia Bender, Iza Batko, Kyle Crowley, Tyler and Adam Rickettes, Seth Orvis, Jesse Gross, Wolfgang Quan, Ronan Smith, Ian Bain, Nick vergut, matt particka, eric proszanki, ricky perepeluk, max brunelle and jack bender. Look for the drop in march 2016.”


DB Skimboards Rider Series: Cody Maurer

DB Skimboards team rider Cody Maurer is an up and coming skimboarder out of St. George, Utah. You can often find Cody at the Virgin River waterfall throwing down 270 front boards. Make sure to keep your eyes open for Cody to push the limits of what can be done on a skimboard.

Q&A with Cody Maurer

Birthdate: 3-10-1997

Years Riding: 5 years

What skimboard do you ride: Sac Pro

Local hood: St. Geezy

Who do you go skimboarding with: Brandon Pectol

Where is your local skim spot: Virgin River waterfall

Favorite Trick: 270 front board.

Favorite skim event: Sac Town Throwdown

What you do when you aren’t skimboarding: When I’m not skimboarding I do allot of skating and snowboarding.

How, when and where did you discover skimboarding: My parents brought me a cheep skimboard back from Hawaii and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Quote to live by: Think less live more.

The one thing you buy at a gas station: I always have to have my hi chews.



Two Women And Their Love Of Skimboarding

Erin and Lorena looking for waves

Meet lovebirds Erin Carpenter and Lorena Zeppilli who currently reside in San Diego, California. Most of you know 28-year old professional rider Erin Carpenter who ranked 5th overall on the 2014 United Skim Tour. Lorena is 26 years old, born in Lima, Peru, who moved to California when she was 7 years old. Lorena is brand new to skimboarding but has already shown great enthusiasm for the sport.

The idea came to me to contact Erin and Lorena for this collective interview after once again meeting a female skimboarder on Instagram who identifies as lesbian or bisexual. As someone who embraces all the colorful people in this world who make this life special, it is important that as a sport we celebrate diversity amongst our community. Although in my thirties now, I can still recall how challenging my youth was particularly with my identity. This interview is for all of you confused, lost and looking for support including you boys. You are not alone.

Words by Kelli Bean
Photos by Chris Beletsis

Let’s start the interview off with Erin…

Q: When did you start skimboarding?

A: I learned how to slide along the shore in college, but that was while I was living in Riverside, CA about 40 miles east (inland) of Orange County, CA. Seeing as the beach (with traffic) was sometimes an hour plus away, I didn’t make it out to the beach as often as I wanted. But I instantly fell in love with the sport. Once I moved to San Diego, CA in 2009, I went almost daily and still do, when the weather and my job permits me to.

Q: What do you love about skimboarding?

A: The adrenaline rush and the fact that it is like skateboarding but more forgiving when you fall. Also that it is something that gets more fun the better you get, so it’s completely addicting. I love the fact that you almost defy physics and glide across the water. I have always loved being in the water and any sort of board sports, so it is the perfect combo.

Q: Will you be competing this year?

A: The Victoria Contest for sure, and maybe Oktoberfest. I just got a new job so time off for anything more is not looking too promising. I have a bad history with Oktoberfest, I always choke at that contest (not to mention almost drowning a few years ago). This year I was considering not doing Oktoberfest, but the fact that I always choke pushes me to want to end on a good note, so we shall see.

Crotching time with Erin Carpenter

Erin Carpenter at Wipeout Beach

Erin slicing a nugget in San Diego, CA

Back to shore with Erin Carpenter

Let’s see what Lorena has to say about our favorite sport…

Q: Had you heard of skimboarding before meeting Erin?

A: I had heard of skimboarding before meeting Erin, but I had never seen people actually get up on the waves and ride them with skimboards before. I feel like my most accurate memory of skimboarding (and this is sad that it has to be this) is from that show “Laguna Beach”. I used to watch it in high school and the character Stephen used to skim a bit.

Q: What were your initial thoughts of the sport when you first tried to run, jump and glide on a skimboard?

A: The very first time I skimmed was at the San Diego event “Skim Fiesta” back in January. I immediately fell in love with it. The ocean was huge that day, so I hardly got out on the water, but there was plenty of wet sand to glide on. I was able to do a 360 turn on the wet sand, with Erin’s guidance, and I couldn’t get enough.

Q: As a newcomer what advice can you give for those wanting to try but are too scared?

A: I would have to say, it’s really fun and that overcomes the fear any day. Also, the skim community is very nice and they’ll gladly teach you the safest, best way to do it.

Q: What have been some of your struggles you have had to or are overcoming in the sport?

A: My biggest struggle right now is feeling like I am plateauing or regressing. I’ve only been skimming since January, and I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I caught on really fast and that I’m doing great. For the past few weeks or more I’ve been falling a lot, or I have been unable to catch many waves, and getting more of that feeling like someone brand new might get. It’s been discouraging but when I look back and remember that I have only been doing this for a little over 3 months I feel better. It’s good to have the falls too and know that I can still get back up and skim. I know that I’m going to be skimming for a long time and this is just the beginning learning stage.

Lorena bailing

Lorena bailing like a pro

Erin Carpenter flying

Even pros like Erin Carpenter bail

Whether you are a professional rider like Erin or a newcomer like Lorena, you will bail and wipe out. It is all part of progressing in the sport!

Let’s shift the conversation to sexuality. As someone who runs a community for over a thousand girls, I have firsthand witnessed more and more female skimboarders identify as lesbians or bisexuals. I understand the nature of sexuality can be a very sensitive subject and as such I want to share how much I appreciate both of you being open to talk about yours. It takes a lot of courage to open up to the public so I ask that the skim community respect Erin and Lorena’s bravery.

Q: Erin, when did you first discover you were attracted to girls?

A: I guess if I want to be really honest with myself, and with you, and now everyone who reads this… I always knew I was attracted to other women. But I never felt comfortable admitting it. I had a boyfriend all through college who made me very happy, but we were young, and had many differences. Things didn’t work out for many reasons, one of them being that I needed to learn to be comfortable on my own, and find ways to be happy without depending on someone else. I also fell into a group of friends who were very open with their sexuality and ultimately provided me with the comfort zone I needed to be able to admit to myself and others how I really felt.

The first time I ever kissed a girl, I was in college and was at a club. My friend, who was already openly a lesbian, saw me do it and said, “oh my God I KNEW it!!” She told me she caught the whole thing on film and had sent it to all of our friends. She was just kidding and let me tell whoever I felt comfortable telling but I was very embarrassed because it didn’t mean anything, yet I knew it felt right. I think that was my turning point to really admitting to myself that I was interested in women.

Thanks for sharing! That would be mortifying but sounds like it played an important role in your admittance process.

Q: What about you Lorena, how do you identify sexually and when did you realize this?

A: I identify as bisexual. I know I am attracted to both sexes, and I’m very much into true commitments with individuals I care about. I have been dating women for three years now. I guess you could say back in 2011 was the lightbulb moment when I realized the full potential of my sexuality and really felt like I needed to venture away from men and explore women. Once you admit to yourself that you do want to be with women, then it’s easy to realize those feelings were there your whole life.

Q: Erin, what has your experience been like telling your friends and family?

A: My family took it really well, except older generations tend to have a slightly harder time with it. My parents are very open-minded and accepting and are more worried about me being accepted and happy than they are about what gender I date. My sister and cousins are all super supportive, and I love them to death for it! My friends are all pretty accepting. I do struggle though when I come into a new environment or job with how to say I have a girlfriend or that I am into women. You never know how people will react. Some people who I am pretty sure have very different views than me, I will avoid mentioning it as much as possible, because it is not worth it.

Q: What advice would you give to teenage girls and boys struggling with their own sexuality and “coming out of the closet”?

A: Be strong. Trust yourself, and who you are. Be the best person you can be. Only do what you feel comfortable doing. Don’t let anyone tell you when or where or with whom you must come out to. Do it at your own pace. Also, remember you are not alone and trust the people who love and support you, because I bet they are more accepting than you are willing to give them credit for.

My father once told me, and I think it is true, that if you are being discriminated against or you have the potential to be discriminated against, then you have to be a better person. You cannot be an asshole he says, because then they have two reasons to dislike you. No one is perfect, but if you always at least try your best to do the right thing, then you aren’t giving people who have skewed beliefs much to work with.

My other good friend Sera once told me that if you are going to be openly ‘gay’ then you have to set a good example. When people have questions, answer them. If all someone knows is what they see on TV or hear about secondhand then when they meet you they might be curious. If you prove that you can be a good person and be successful, and you are also gay, then they will see that gay people can be good people. If you are the only gay person they have ever personally met, then that’s what they will think of when they think of ‘gay’. You are then changing the world’s opinion one person at a time.

Great advice all around!

Now your turn Lorena sharing what your experiences have been and continue to be with telling those in your life you are bisexual.

A: Sharing my identity with my friends and family hasn’t been the easiest thing for me. The hardest part was telling my mom. She has been loving and understanding for the most part, but she was raised Catholic in Peru and it takes her a little bit more time to fully understand it. I haven’t outright told everyone in my life, although I’m sure some of them just know from social media or certain events. I feel like it’s easiest for me to assess the situation when deciding when and if I am going to tell someone. I also dislike that dating someone of the same sex means you have to take the time to pause the conversation and essentially come out to someone to tell them “hey this is my girlfriend” and then there are questions that come along with that. I wish it didn’t involve the extra step and that it was just seen as completely normal.

I can understand that.

Q: Here is a question for both of you. As an adult looking back, what would you tell your younger self in one sentence to let her know everything will be okay?

Erin: The world is much larger than you ever imagined, so keep an open mind and heart and have faith that things will turn out okay.

Lorena: Things happen at certain moments to get you to the next step in your life to allow your life to progress toward better, happier things.

Nicely said.

Before we turn the interview back to skimboarding, I have one more question.

Q: What do you like and love about each other?

Erin: I LOVE that Lorena is into skimming!! Plus she rips, and has picked it up super quick! I like her passion for adventure and trying new things, her perseverance, honesty, openness and that she is extremely sharp and driven. She’s a cutie and we have amazing chemistry.

Lorena: Erin is just about the nicest, most caring person that I have ever met. She is patient and compassionate; I am completely in love with her personality. Oh and those beautiful blue eyes don’t hurt either.

Aww, isn’t love grand?!

Erin teaching Lorena in San Diego

sharing laughs and stay warm

Q: Erin, how did the initial subject of skimboarding come up and what was Lorena’s reaction?

A: Well, haha, we met on Tinder (yup I admit it) so we started talking before we actually met. I told her I was addicted to skimming and she saw pictures. The first time we met I took her to the beach. She was watching my friend and I skim and then I asked her to try it on the sand. She said she wanted to wear a swimsuit next time so she could try. I must admit I was impressed. She picked it up even on the sand quicker than most do.

Q: How has the experience been so far teaching Lorena to skimboard?

A: It has been fun, but challenging at times because she gets frustrated with wanting to progress quicker. Patience is a virtue and this sport take loads of it.

Q: Most groms I speak to would love to fall in love with another skimboarder. I admit I share the sentiment as well. What do you love about being able to skim with your girl?

A: I can have my cake and eat it too. Both of my loves in one place.

Now it’s Lorena’s turn…

Q: Do you enjoy learning how to skimboard from your girlfriend?

A: Another quality I love about Erin is her patience and positivity, this makes it really easy to learn to skim from her. If I am having a bad day and falling a lot, she will wait for a good wave, tell me when to go and after that I will have a smile on my face. Not to mention, she is a really good skimboarder. I mean she’s pro, so it helps that she has the knowledge to help me learn the sport.

Q: Any tips or pointers we can use when teaching our partners to keep them motivated?

A: I think patience is key. But also there has to already be a passion for the ocean and the beach to keep someone motivated and to keep having fun.

Good point.

Lorena learning to skim

Great form for newcomer Lorena

Nice spray with Lorena

Q: Lorena, have you felt welcomed by the skim community at the beach?

A: The skim community has been extremely welcoming. Everyone is so nice and they all enjoy having conversations while waiting for good waves.

Q: What about the skim industry and social media platforms?

A: As far as the industry, it would help to showcase newcomers on social media maybe a couple of times a month? Overall, female skimboarders have to be shown on social media more often. This is venturing away from the topic of newcomers, but there are plenty of female professional skimmers out there and they are not getting nearly enough attention.

Q: As we wrap the interview up, what other things do you and Erin enjoy doing together?

A: Well it goes without saying we have a mutual love for the beach. We also enjoy cooking together, catching up on all of our favorite shows together, listening to podcasts, and having long conversations together. Erin is the best cuddler ever too!

Q: Last words before we say good-bye?

Erin: Thanks so much for interviewing me Kelli! My experiences by no means reflect anyone else’s because we are all unique, but I hope it helps!

Lorena: As far as skimboarding goes, I think it’s a really awesome sport. I already love it more than surfing because there are so many steps to it that all have to come together just right to get to that magic moment where you’re riding a wave.

Perfectly said.

Q: Erin, who would you like to shoutout?

A: Shoutout to the San Diego, California skim community for being one of the most open-minded and hearted group I have ever met! I love them all and appreciate all the tips and tricks they have taught me along the way, and for being super accepting to me.

Erin Carpenter in the zone

Sprayyyyy with Erin Carpenter

Pro Erin Carpenter boosting

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xo, Kelli

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Southside Shoot Out Skimboard Event Promo Video

Alley-Oop & Skim USA present the 2015 South Side Shoot Out. Join us on May 30-31 in the Delaware Seashore State Park for the 3rd stop of the UST and Skim USA Tour.

For more info and Registration check out:

Video Produced by Matt Adams:


Shorebreak World Premier Tonight!

Shorebreak doc is here

The premier of the long anticipated Shorebreak documentary has arrived and will be showcasing at The Grove in Anaheim, California tonight at 5:30 pm.

There are still tickets available you can purchase here.

It is an all ages event so no ID is required.

Parking is available at the venue for $12.

Red Carpet Expo, raffles, silent auction, dozens of booths with companies in the industry, prizes, live music after party with dj set and bar and of course a great opportunity to meet the California pros!

For a sneak peak, read The Orange County Register’s recent article Laguna Beach, the ‘North Shore’ of skimboarding, featured in film to be screened in Anaheim

Or watch the Shorebreak Documentary trailer on YouTube

Shorebreak Documentary

DB Skimboards Rider Series featuring Adam Balaam

Adam Balaam and the Goon crew in Northern California are redefining flatland skimboarding. Adam started skimboarding in Sacramento recently moved to San Francisco where he now calls Baker Beach home. Adam is a progresive skimboarder who is pushing the limits of what can be done and will be done on a skimboard.

Adam exclusively rides the Sac Pro skimboard and you can snag your very own here:

Follow DB:


Q&A with Adam Balaam:

Birthdate: March 14th, 1993

Years Riding: 8 years

What skimboard do you ride: Sac Pro, what else…

Local hood: Ap – Carmichael

Who do you go skimboarding with: The GOONs

Where is your local skim spot: Paradise but, now its Baker

What’s your favorite trick: Baby Kilers

Favorite skim event: Skimfest

What you do when you aren’t skimboarding: Skating and chillin at the beach with homies.

How, when and where did you discover skimboarding: I was introduced to skimboarding for the first time when in was down at the river with my friends in Sacramento. It was back in 2008 when I was in high-school. The first guys that really got me into it and stoked were the ISM boys including Lon Porteous.

Quote to live by: “Your never gunna get layed unless you show a little butt crack.”

The one thing you buy at a gas station: 40oz

Make sure to follow Adam, Dallas, Derek, Cardo, Mike and the rest of the Goon skimboarding establishment on Instagram at @goonmedia

Lucas Fink Invades Chile – Exile Skimboards

Lucas Fink recently returned from a trip to Chile where he was able to take 1st place at the second stop of the Lafkenche Tour and a respectable 3rd place at the final stop. The young Brazilian who has been nicknamed by peers as “Little Sammy” is on a tear, keep an eye on this kid in future Professional events in the coming season.

Getting into skimboarding? Get started with the best.


Isaac Thomas Shipwrecks Skimboard Session


A few photos of Isaac Thomas skimboarding Thomas Pro at the Tacoma Shipwrecks Beach. The skim session featured a variety of tricks ranging from backside boardslides, frontboards and frontside nose blunts.

View the full skimboard session report over on the DB Skimboards website HERE.

Photos by EqualMotion












Adrien Raza: Indoor Skimboarding HISWA

The Dutch Skimboarding Association made it possible for Adrien Raza and crew had the to ride a brand new skim pool at the HISWA boat show! Check it out! We are stoked to see more indoor and urban skimboarding taking place, so more people can get a chance to skimboard.

Nice work Adrien and make sure to go to for all of your flatland skimboarding needs!

Anyways, see you at the beach….or….the urban skim park!

Big ups to:


EXILE SKIMBOARDS: Mainland Mex Strike Mission

Mexico skimboarding trips are always epic and watching this video from Exile Skimboards makes us a little bit jealous. Nah, that’s a lie. It makes us super jealous!

Anyways, here’s a skimboarding video featuring Sam Stinnett, Blair Conklin and Ken Suzuki who took a quick trip down to Mainland Mexico to luck themselves into a rarely ridden sider and more.

They took the road less traveled and with the help of some friends they had one hell of a trip. Watch, enjoy and we’ll see you at the beach!