Summer Skim with Alexandra Dubas

We recently got sent a new video featuring Polish and Fncy Fair Skimboards team rider Alexandra Dubas. 2015 was Alexandra’s fifth skimboard season and she captured everything along the way. In this video you can see Alexandra skim at the Swider Skim Fest VI (she got 2nd), the Polish Skimboarding Open 2015 in Gdansk (she took 3rd) and at the Red Bull Skim It 2015 in Lodz (she took 1st). In the skim video Lysina Lake and the PoolPark.

This video was filmed by Marcin Siegel, Remigiusz Miczek and Sergiusz Lewandowski.
Edited: Marcin Siegel and Alexandra Dubas

Shootout to Alexandra’s sponsors Fncy Fair Skimboards and Radical Nation.


2015 Skimboard Season Video by Marcin SIEGEL

A new skimboard edit out of Poland featuring Marcin Siegel. This edit was created from the material gathered during my 2015 skim season. A majority of the shots were captured at the man made at Pool Park Gliwice, where a stationary, 40-meters-long skimboarding track has been opened this year.

Filming by:
Aleksandra Dubas
Sergiusz Lewandowski
Remigiusz Miczek
Marcin Siegel

Shinedown – Cut The Cord

Special Thanks:
Pool Park
Radical Nation
Silesia Skimboarding


DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2015 Official Video

The DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2015 official video is here! This is a true international skimboarding contest taking place in Gdańsk, Poland. This year was a tight contest with Adrien Raza and Logan Davidson going trick for trick with Adrien narrowly edging out Logan for the win.

Dakine / Diverse Extreme Team / Red Bull / Oakley / Jumpcity / Anywaves / KOMONO / FNCY Fair / Pakalolo / Konar Pro / GoPro / Quicker / honor / DB / Fish Sktb. / KB SkateLab/ Seventyone /

MEDIA: / Drop the Board / / MTV / Flatland Mag. / ESKA / / / Skimboarding

PARTNERS: European Skimboarding Cup / City of Gdańsk / MOSiR Gdańsk

ORGANIZATION: Polish Skimboarding Association / Polskie Stowarzyszenie Skimboardingu

Date: 31.07 – 01.08.2015

Location: Gdańsk / POLAND

Video & Edit: Paweł Jurczak /


2015 Polish Skimboarding Open is almost here!

The most epic skimboarding contest in Europe and the final stop of the European Skimboarding Tour is almost here: The Polish Skimboarding Open!

The PSO is going down July, 31, 2015 and they have confirmed over over 60 skimboarders and are expecting over 100 riders. Logan Davidson is making the trip from the United States and the current European Skimboarding Cup Champion Adrien Raza will be there also.

PSO is final stop of European Skimboarding Open and here will be riders decoration and announcment of final results.



DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2014 - photo 5

DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2014 - photo 4

DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2014 - photo 3

DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2014 - photo 2

DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2014 - photo 1

South Village Skimboarding with Remigiusz Miczek

Remigiusz Miczek skimboarding at South Village a mini urban skim park in Poland. Pretty impressive range of features and tricks by Remigiusz.

Filming bu Sergiusz Lewandowski and Marcin Siegel. Pretty awesome skim edit guys.

More information on the South Village skim Facebook page:

And the skimboards featured in this video are by Konar Pro out of Poland.


GoZone Skimboards: Norris profile – Snowy Chapter

Well, it’s winter for skimboarders in a vast majority of the world that usually means putting on a wetsuit and going to the beach or a snow skimboarding session.

The crew over at GoZone Skimboards decided to go with the latter and shred the snow on their skimboard. Here’s a video ofNorris a GoZone team rider who made the trip to hang out and film this edit with fellow team mate Krzysiek and take in a little of the true “Snowy Chapter” of GZ Skimboards.

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