Seventyone Skimboards: Land or Slam 2017

The crew down in Sacramento hosted the annual Land or Slam Skimboard Jam. Watch the 2017 recap video that also features a mini session with Logan Davidson and Ruben Gutierrez the day before the jam…

Sacramento Skimboard Sessions: Land of Slam

Sacramento is one of the holy lands of flatland skimboarding. For good reason too, with the likes of Lon Porteus, Matt Head, Matt Matteucci, Adam Balaam, Ruben Luis Gutierrez and a long, long, long…

Land or Slam: Sacrmanento Skimboard Demo

The Sacramento SkimFest was canceled and Ruben Luis Gutierrez stepped up and is putting on Land of Slam with the help of Kayotics Skimboards, DB Skimboards, Bick Skimboards, SeventyOne Skimboards a…

GOON: Full-length Skimboard Movie

Goon Media’s first full length skimboarding film has officially been released. GOON exposes the history of the Sacramento crew over the past two years and shows each stop of their tour to Was…

Kayotics Skimboards: Sacramento Trash

This new Kayotics skimboard video is all filmed at Paradise Beach in Sacramento, CA. The video features skimboerders Ruben Gutierrez, Trey Conely and Jd Brown. The skim crew shreds a whole variety …

Kayotics skimboards Trey Conley

Video from the summer of 2014 featuring Kayotics team rider Trey Conley in good ole Sacramento, California. Jammed back full of lifestyles and skim. More at:

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