Urban skimboarding: Voodoo Skim Park Update #4


What’s up! Another week working in paradise has gone through. The skimpark is running smoothly, Rodrigo and I make a great team and things are getting better day after day. This week has been somehow special, mainly because Monday was festive and on Saturday we did a little skim competition focused for kids, warming up for the big event that’s going to be August 20th, where Adrien Raza and Friedrich Flüh are supposed to attend. With nothing more to say, let’s go to the day-by-day article!

Day 17 – 25/07/2016

On Monday I woke up at 11 PM, exhausted of the previous week. I didn’t do anything in the morning except lying on the bed. After having launch, I took my longboard and went to La Coruña for a relaxed afternoon. I followed the road I know the most, went to the center and visited for second time the beautiful promenade.


Besides of boats, there are always fishermen trying to get some fresh fish. A curious quote I want to mention is that during my excursion I ended up in a park where absolutely everybody was playing Pokémon GO. I took some photos of that phenomena, I don’t have anything against this game but it surprised me a lot when I saw people talking about Pokémon and just looking at their phones.

Day 18 to Day 21 – 26/07/2016 to 29/07/2016

It was time to start another week again, but this time, instead of working from Monday to Sunday we only had to work from Tuesday to Saturday (thanks God). From Tuesday to Friday there was the most affluence of kids since the skimpark opened on July 9th. Almost 30 people wanted to learn more about this sport every day, and taking into account that the maximum time they can spend in the skimpool are 30 minutes, that we do teach groups of 5 kids each time and that we open 4 hours per day, it meant that we didn’t even have time to go to the bathroom those days. On the other hand, it meant that we were doing things right as some people were repeating the experience and they were improving their skim skills. Also, on Saturday it was the skim competition, and some kids came just for training, they were so motivated to do well!

Day 22 – 30/07/2016

Competition day! It was Saturday, so it meant we were open in the morning too but, against the odds, anybody showed up as it was cloudy and somehow cold. We had time to close out everything competition related: prizes, tournament structure, schedule… and we had some time to rest and prepare for the intense afternoon. After having launch, we opened like every afternoon and the affluence of kids became the same as the previous days. At 6:00 PM we closed the skimpark and just let the competitors warm up: 10 kids showed up, and they would’ve been 11 if a boy hadn’t injured himself 10 minutes before the start of the competition. Some mothers and fathers told us that their kids hadn’t slept well the night before because of nerves! At 6:30 PM I indicated the schedule of the event to the kids and their parents, which consisted in 3 tests:

– Go as far as you can: this consisted in just dropping the skimboard, jump on it and skim as long as you can. It was the most irrelevant out of the three tests, but it was a cool one to force them to slide the most they could. They had 4 chances, only the two best counted.

– Skim behind the stick: we put a stick across the skimpool at a certain height so the skimmers must skim behind it flexing their knees and trying to not touch the stick. We did 3 levels with 2 chances per level.

When the last test ended it was time to let the competitors dry because it was getting really cold, but most of them wanted to skim some more while Rodrigo and I were deciding the classification, kids are unstoppable!

After 10 minutes we ended up with the final classification, with the surprise that two girls did all the way through the podium! Skim isn’t exclusive for boys, girls do shred as well!

We gave the prizes to the winners and some candies to everybody who showed up, so everybody had something to bring back home. It was an awesome experience to organize my first little skim event with my mate Rodrigo’s help, we could see smiles on everybody’s face! Finally, shout out to Martín, the guy who works next to us in the football field, who took all the photos you are seeing of the competition!


– Freestyle: for the final test, it was time to let them feel how an official competition runs like. We didn’t put a kicker or anything because some of them hadn’t tried before, so we let the kids 4 chances to demonstrate what they could do in flatland skim. Some of them landed shuv-its and did cool slides rotating their bodies!




After a successful day, I was supposed to go out and party with my flat-mate and a friend of her, but I had no energy left, so I just went to take something with them and stay a little bit in some discotheque, but at 5 AM I was on my bed ready for a good sleep. La Coruña’s nightlife isn’t disappointing, there’s less people than in Barcelona, but you can have a great time as well!

Day 23 – 31/07/2016

After hanging out the previous night I wasn’t as tired as I’d thought, so with my flat-mate (this time, with the boy) we went walking to the city and he showed me some new places which I hadn’t seen before. In the afternoon I grabbed my camera and my longboard and went alone to the city again for an improvised trip. I got lost at purpose, I love to explore new places alone with my longboard, so for coming back I had to open my GPS to make it home. I took some nice photos of La Coruña’s lifestyle, wish you like them!






Skim & Fun

Marc Costa Lucero

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Urban skimboarding: Voodoo Skim Park Update #2


Hey again! We’re here with the second weekly article, where I share how a summer working in a skimpark looks like. Today I’ll be explaining how we do clean the skimpool, how our first workshop went and what’s the latest creation of VooDoo Skimboard, let’s go!

Day 6 to Day 7 – 14/07/2016 to 15/07/2016

The weather in La Coruña is characterized by being very cloudy and rainy, but that wasn’t the weather I was facing. Specially those two days, it was really sunny and we were around 35 ºC, something really strange in the city. As a result, almost nobody showed up in the skimpark, people were at the beach or shopping inside the shopping center, there wasn’t a soul outside. Only around 10 kids came to try and skim, so my friend Rodrigo and I had a lot of time to skim and record some nice videos.

On Thursday, it was time to work in the morning too (we work all afternoons from Monday to Saturday and Saturday mornings) because we must clean the skimpool once a week. The skimpool is relatively easy to clean, but it takes its time. We proceed as it follows:

– First of all, after we close the skimpark in the evening, it’s time to let the water flow out of the skimpool. Meanwhile, we clean a little bit the skimpool with a big brush.
– After there’s just 2-3 cm of water height remaining, we close the two drains of the skimpool and we proceed to add active oxygen in the remaining water so the water left gets completely cleaned and the possible germs of the skimpool get eliminated.
– We leave the active oxygen working all night long until the next morning.
– In the morning it’s very important to completely dry the skimpool so all the dirt and remaining active oxygen go out. In order to do so, we put a bench or something of the width of the skimpool under it, so we can accumulate all the water in one side.
– After that, it’s time to close both drains, connect the hose and let the new fresh water flow inside the skimpool.
– The skimpool should be completely cleaned once a week. What we do every day is, half an hour before the skimpark opening, we open one drain and connect the hose, so we can create a water flow and refresh a little bit the water in the skimpool, so it remains cleaner the whole week.

Here you have all the tips and tricks we use to properly maintain a skimpool, wish you can learn something from them!

Day 8 – 16/07/2016

It was Saturday, so it meant we must work in the morning and afternoon. The weather was the same as the previous days, so again, not many people showed up. But it was time to set up the first weekly workshop: two pro-skaters who work in a local skate school came to teach the first steps in the world of skating for those who wanted to learn the first steps in the world of the four wheels. The workshop was organized just two days before, so not many people were aware of the skating event, even though 7 newcomers tried and learnt their first steps.

Day 9 – 17/07/2016


Sunday is the weekly lay day. I spent all morning laying on the bed, transferring photos and videos from the GoPro to the computer and watching TV. After having lunch, the guy who lives with me and I went for a walk in the center of La Coruña, where he showed me the most iconic places out there. I will go again there with my longboard in order to explore some more places, but for now I fell in love with the road next to the sea, it was really enjoyable!

And here we go with the invention. It’s a winch with remote control with enough power to let you go through a kicker and a box, it’s really amazing the speed you can go with this new device that Horacio Mayol, the VooDoo Skimboard owner, and an electrical engineer, have realized!


Day 10 to Day 11 – 18/07/2016 to 19/07/2016

Another week in the north-west of Spain started. The weather was following the trend of the previous days, but the heat was going down so more people showed up. Nothing really special happened those two days, so I’m going to show you a photo of our amazing working T-shirts and the latest invention VooDoo Skimboard has launched.




I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Skim & Fun

Marc Costa Lucero

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Urban skimboarding: Voodoo Skim Park Update #3


Marc here again with the third weekly article of this summer series working in a skimpark all summer long in La Coruña. It’s time to share how we teach young skimmers their first steps in the sport, the workshop we did on Saturday and our recent experiences! After this article, the weekly episodes will feature weeks from Monday to Sunday so it’s easier for all of you to follow the development of events, let’s do this!

Day 12 to Day 14 – 20/07/2016 to 22/07/2016

Another week had started, and another week plenty of hard work was coming. Nothing really special happened from Tuesday to Thursday, so I’m going to explain how we introduce newcomers to the skimboarding world:

– First of all, we put helmets on every kid or adult. It’s important to take care of every person, safety is always a priority!
– After that, we put a skim on the grass and teach people how to jump on it. They must do 3 things: run straight behind the skimboard, jump and put the 2 foots separately at the same time on the skimboard in the middle of it, and finally, flex their knees when they do the first contact with the skimboard.
– When they finally learn how to properly run, jump and position on the skimboard, they are good and ready to go the skimpool.
– Most of the people don’t know how to throw the skimboard, so we throw it for them. When they are used to jump on it, we teach people of 8 years (average) and above how to throw and drop the skimboard. The problem with young kids is that they don’t have enough strength to carry the skimboard, so we continue throwing it for them.
– When the new riders learn how to properly slide, we teach them the first “tricks”. The first one consists on flexing their knees more than usual and touch the water with one hand. The next one is moving the skimboard with their foots (not shuv-it) flexing their knees again.
– If the skimmer dominates the skimboard and goes fast enough, we let him or her try the little kicker (30 cm height). Not many people reach this level, so it’s reserved to truly skilled new skimmers.

Day 15 – 23/07/2016

Saturday again! This week was time to let true professionals of taekwondo teach new people to this martial art and do some demonstrations. It’s really amazing the flexibility you can reach while practicing this sport and the huge jumps you can learn to do. Here I let you some photo bombs of the workshop, I was really amazed by their performances!






Day 16 – 24/07/2016

Usually Sunday is lay day, but this time Monday was a special celebration in La Coruña so we wouldn’t be working on Monday. What’s more, we had to work Sunday morning and afternoon, and yes, it meant we had to work all week for 7 straight days. Obviously, Sunday was absolutely exhausting, Rodrigo and I were so tired that we were missing some energy, and to get things worse we didn’t stop all day long teaching kids and more kids. We almost had no time to do a little break or something, but hey, we love this and we didn’t lose the smile on our faces and continued working as professionals. I share some images of the week to end the shortest weekly article, there’s a lot more to come!




Wish you enjoyed the article, keep skimming!

Skim & Fun

Marc Costa Lucero

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Skimboarding Eastern Samar 2015

The stoke is so high for skimboarders in the Philippines and we are constantly getting sent media from the region. Jesmar Kankaloo Reyes sent this video to us via our Facebook page and we decided to repost it.

Some of the best skimboarders in the Philippines live near videographer Abdel Elecho’s home town Borongan. This video features Manoy Bazar (Masters Champion 33rd Zap Amateur World Championship), Leander Apita (Former National Junior Champion), Ondong Bazar and Arvy Amoyo.

“I’m proud of this guys. This guys shred on a skimboard and on a surfboard,” Abdel Elecho said.

Filmed and Edited by Abdel Elecho
Music: Continental Drift by The Womb
Filmed in Eastern Samar Philippines


Summer in Delaware on a Skimboard

Delaware skimboarder and photographer Andrew Marbl sent over a video showing what went down in Delaware on a skimboard during summer 2015. This video features the top skimboarders that live in Delaware and the East Coast area.

“I tried to capture the skimmer lifestyle and the activities that we do during the dry swells,” Andrew said. We also took a few minutes to ask Andrew a out summer in Delaware.

Checkout the interview with Andrew below and make sure to checkout his website: Marblproductions.com

Q. What is the summer like in Delaware?
A. Summer is plain, old fun. That is the best way to describe it.. fun. When the swell is firing, the skim and surf is great. There are many different spots and wave breaks to search for. If I am in the mood for some shorebreak, I can go to Bethany. If I want to surf I can go to Assateague on a sand bar. When the swell isn’t firing.. well the waves are non existent. It is a perfect opportunity to practice some shuv-its and tone down some airs. In my video, you see a lot of different activities besides just skimboarding or surfing. I really tried to capture what summer in Delaware is like from my perspective. If the waves aren’t good then we go and have fun doing something else.


Q. What are some of the best skimboarding spots?
A. I am pretty biased towards Delaware. Skimboarding started here and I am stuck in the Delmarva roots. I would say stateline (Maryland/Delaware) is a great spot to catch some long liners. Naval Jetty’s is also a popular spot but is overrun by tourists in the Summer


Q. What made you decide to make this video?
A. I love photography and video editing. The locals like to see pictures and videos of them skimboarding and I thought it would be cool to make a huge highlight video of the whole summer for all of us to watch and share. Last year’s video, The Lyfe, was a success so I decided to make another.


Q. What was your favorite part of the video?
A. There are a few things I did differently than the past years video. I really like how the time-lapse when my cousin and I are sitting on a bench turned out. We did it in front of Bethany Surf Shop which is a major local hangout and a signature surf shop in Delaware. This year I also bought a quadcopter. I think it added another dimension to the video and provided a unique aspect.


Q. Who was in the video?
A. Mostly Delaware professional and semi-pros. Some shots are from the Southside Shootout competition which is held in May at the Indian River Inlet. You might recognize some skimmers like Austin Keen, Morgan Just and Jackson Teeny. Delaware professionals Tom and Dave Bracht are also featured in many of the shots.


Q. What were you riding in the video?
A. Most of the boarders in the video ride Exile Skimboards. On some of the beaches, the lifegaurds do not allow the hard boards to be used during the daytime hours so we ride a board called “Herlihy” which is made by Toobs Bodyboards. It is a very strong bodyboard made with carbon stringers with a big rocker which allows for big air and turns. The model was actually named, shaped and made by a local pro surfer, Colin Herlihy.


Q. What was the best part of summer 2015?
A. Being able to visit the beach all the time is already a great summer. This year I went to the Street League Skateboard competition in New Jersey which was a fun new experience. But the highlight of my summer was going to Lake James, Indiana for a family reunion. I was able to fly my quadcopters, kneeboard, waterski, fish, boat and have fun with family members from all over the States.

Isaac Thomas Shipwrecks Skimboard Session


A few photos of Isaac Thomas skimboarding Thomas Pro at the Tacoma Shipwrecks Beach. The skim session featured a variety of tricks ranging from backside boardslides, frontboards and frontside nose blunts.

View the full skimboard session report over on the DB Skimboards website HERE.

Photos by EqualMotion












Skimdulgence 2014

The Skimdulgence 2014 skimboarding contest saw riders from all over Australia and even Hawaii make the trip to the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Beautiful sunny days and perfect sized waves were what greeted the riders with some of the best rides ever going down at Shatters on the Sunday.

And here are some words from Exile Skimboards about the event:

“Team Rider Daniel Voysey and the boys just put out the final edit from the Skimdulgence gathering from this past year. It’s a pilgrimage for as many of the core skim boarders that can make it from Australia and beyond. Austin Keen was able to get out to this a few years back, and still talks about the epic times he shared with our Australian brothers and sisters. Check out Shatters, an incredibly heavy wave in South Australia, and you’ll surely be searching flights there for the next few hours.”


Skimmermaid: Emilia Szymoniak Polish Skimboarder


Meet Emilia Szymoniak a skimboarder from Poland who rides for FNCY FAIR Skimboards. She sent over this edit she captured over the course of the 2014 skimbaording season. We are always stoked to see more girls jump on the skimboard. There are a fair amount of falls, shuvs and action from the 2014 Polish Skimboarding Open to keep you captivated for the 3 minute duration of the video.

More about FNCY FAIR:

Summer Skimboarding with Marcin SIEGEL

Macrin Siegel from Poland emailed us his summer skimboarding edit featuring quite a few skim spots.

“I would like to share my edit with you. This is an edit from the material I gathered during this summer season 2014 in Poland. I have visited several good spots Plawniowice Lake, South Village and Świder as well as some others and managed to capture some nice shots. I hope you will enjoy the 4 minutes of it.” Marcin said.