Bigspin Trick Tip

Wanna learn how to do a Bipsin? Checkout this Bigspin Trick Tip by Wyatt Brown.

In order to learn the bigspin correctly, it is recommended that you first be comfortable with the following tricks:

Shove it
Pop Shove it
360 Shove it

Flat water backside spin
Backside 180

Before getting right into learning the bigspin, you first need to know what goes in to making a proper bigspin. The bigspin involves a 360 shove it with a 180 body varial, causing you to land switch. The body varial is in the same direction as the board. For regular riders this rotation is to the right, and for goofy riders it is to the left.

To start learning the bigspin you must have a good foot placement, or it will be quite hard to accomplish the trick. When it comes down to it, your foot placement for the bigspin and for all tricks is all about your personal preference and what works for you. However, I like to have both my feet a little bit further back on the board towards the tail rather than too far forward. My front foot is centered on the board and my rear foot is more toward the toe edge of the board, giving me more power and leverage to flick the board when initiating the spin.

To get comfortable with the feeling of rotating the board while you rotate your body, prepare yourself for the bigspin by doing a shove it, and then a backside 180 revert. Continue to do this, slowly doing the revert earlier and quicker, until you have reached the point where you are spinning your revert as you do the shove it. This motion is pretty much a bigspin, and you just need to gradually make a larger and faster spin until you can complete an entire 180 body varial and 360 shove it at the same time. To land a complete bigspin, starting completely forward and landing switch aiming the complete opposite direction is difficult. You must gradually work your way up to this. In fact, most people “cheat” a little when performing bigspins, by starting some of your rotation before your flick the board, and then catching it before it is completely straight. You must try and complete as much as you can, if you revert too much upon landing or you rotate a lot in the beginning, it isn’t a very good looking bigspin, if it is a bigspin at all.

When you are at the beginning of the bigspin and you have flicked the board and are about to begin rotating your body, it is important to lead the spin with your head and shoulders. Doing this ensures that you will rotate your entire body and not just your lower body. Throwing your head and shoulders into the rotation first will cause your legs to follow the same rotation. Having any counter rotation in your upper body makes it very hard to fully complete the body varial, and it also puts a lot of your weight forward in the direction you are traveling. This can easily make you catch your heel edge when landing, causing you to fall. This is why it is important to commit your whole body into the spin. When you are ready to land, locate the spot on your board where you want your feet to land and stomp down smoothly, bending your knees, turning your head into the direction you are riding. Then ride away clean, having landed a perfect bigspin.

Once you have mastered the bigspin, you can then start adding some pop to it. Knowing how to pop your bigspins means you can throw them over obstacles for more of a challenge. you can even do them onto boxes, off of boxes, you can do them on jumps, there are so many possibilities. Along with the bigspin are a lot of variations. You can do frontside bigspins, bigger spins, no comply bigspins, no compleezy bigspins, fakie bigspins, switch bigspins, and more. There are such a vast number of possibilities, and it all starts with the basic and fundamental backside bigspin.