2019 Chambers Creek Throwdown

Calling all Pacific Northwest Skimboarders! Come skimboard at Chambers Creek Saturday August 3, 2019 for the Chambers Creek Skimunity Skim Jam. Free swag, plenty of rails, games of skim and a best trick contest. Skimboarders of all skill levels are invited!

Lake Effect – Full-Length Flatland Skim Video

Over the last two seasons the Ontario skimboard crew have been collecting clips for their newest project: Lake Effect. Every rider in this video is what the future of skimboarding in Ontario and beyond has to come. From innovation, stoke, passion, hard working and so on…The Great Lakes continue to drive these skimboarders to ride in new places, change the way they skim, change the way we think about tricks, its the Lake Effect.

This video contains almost all the skimmers in Ontario, but main parts are dialed into:
Keven Caron-Pilon
Jack Bender
Henry Mackay
Ronan Smith
Shaymus Finlay
& Wolfgang Quan

This might be the end for some riders, but the beginning for most, enjoy.

Principle Filmers:
Jack Bender
Alex Prudhomme
Shaymus Finlay
Ronan Smith

Edited and Compiled by Jack Bender

Ontario Skimboarding: LAKE EFFECT Teaser

After years of making videos we are beginning to split apart, making this the last true FBS video with the original riders + some new ones. Filmed across our great country of Canada on our great lakes system and creating riding styles unlike any other scene- This is the LAKE EFFECT

Shaymus Finlay
Wolfgang Quan
Jack Bender
Cam MacDonald
Keven C-P
Henry Mackay
& Vince, Manu, Will, Iza, Rowan, Trav, Adam, Max, Ty, Ronan, Kyle, Emma, Jeff, friends

Full Vid out Fall 2018

Filmed and complied by Jack Bender

Meet New Zealand Skimboarder Sam Price

Meet Sam Price, 32-year-old from Omaha, New Zealand.

Words by Kelli Bean / Photos by Sam Price

Hey Sam, thanks for doing this interview with me. I have seen you around the skim community over the years and wanted to check in to see how things are going in your neck of the skim world. I know I am not the only one curious how things are going.

Q: How long have you been skimming?
A: Kicked it off in 2008

Q: Are you a flatland rider, wave rider or both?
A: Both. I think you’re a fool if you don’t do both in NZ.
Haha, that’s pretty amazing NZ offers a rider the opportunity to skim both styles.

Q: What do you love about skimboarding?
A: Everything. It was that glide feeling when I started then it turned into the progression, the beach and the people!

Q: Nice. Who were your role models in the sport when you were first learning?
A: I used to froth on the Sacramento (California, USA) scene sooo hard. Plus what was happening around BC (British Columbia, Canada). Tenth St Bros (Bill Bryan and co) were a huge inspiration.

Q: What is your favorite trick(s)?
A: Ummmmmm probably any shuv grab for flatland, they just look good especially if you pop high and grab high. Some people don’t pop them that high and can grab them low but they don’t look as good. For the waves any tech trick (shuvs, bigspins etc) thrown in on a wave is sweet with me.

Q: Where do you normally skimboard?
A: I have a lot of really good skim at home. The beach changes a lot so we can get really good flatland and really good waves. It can also be terrible ha. I found a good wave skim spot really close to home a few months ago but haven’t quite got to know it yet as it’s only realistically accessible by boat.

Q: What have you done over the years to progress skimboarding in New Zealand?
A: Made affordable, high performance boards and put on events. Be contactable and put out info. There was a stage there were I did weekly forecasts, newsletters, everything!
I remember those newsletters. From my perspective watching you over the years, you have certainly done a lot for NZ skim.

Q: Describe the overall skim scene in New Zealand currently?
A: This is probably the part where people would like to disagree. It’s dead. It blew up on 2009 through to about 2011, had another little rise in say 2013 then has only gone one way since. I feel that the internet is just easier than going outside. The level of riding has gone backwards, no one wants to fall, no one wants to try. I think there’s less than 10 active skimmers that I know of. I feel sad about it as I basically invested my life into it and now I just come off negative about it. I just call it as I see it.

Q: That is unfortunate to hear. I suppose the contest scene is also dead then?
A: We used to run comps. We even had heats and judges but I haven’t run an event in a couple of years now. It’s just a lot of work for very little reward. I would like to think someone young would step up to the plate here and I would help but I feel I’m being optimistic.

Q: Do you see a future for skimboarding in New Zealand?
A: I don’t know as far as a scene but for myself I want to put out more content and more epic stuff. More winching, more everything.

Q: That’s awesome. How do you find your inspiration with being far from more populated skim communities?
A: It’s fun, I like the beach, that’s all the inspiration one should need.

So true!

Q: Tell us about OXS Enterprises.
A: Wellll it’s a long story. It started with the Skimboards and has since spread into screen printing, a lot of content creating and now I’m starting to make spearfishing equipment. Working on not working is the short version.

Q: What is it like running OXS Skimboards?
A: It is brilliant. I still get a hoot from selling boards. The high was seeing it growing and getting great feedback. The low is watching it go backwards. I would estimate my sales on my smallest board which is for kids under 50kg is about 10-20% of what it was which I feel says a lot.

Q: A lot of us would love to shape a skimboard, describe what you love about making boards.
A: Making something from your hands and bare materials and turning it into something functional that works.

Q: On a personal level, what are some of your 2018 skim goals?
A: I would like to do a lot more stuff with the winch. I can’t detail too much. Sshhhh.

Q: Haha, excited to hear more in the future. You are living the van life, how has this lifestyle supported your skim aspirations?
A: It’s way more fun than I thought it was going to be and I thought it was going to be a lot of fun. To be comfortable and have everything I need when I go away now is amazing. I used to forget half of my gear haha.

Q: Where would you love to travel to skim?
A: Mexico for sure. Looks like a lot of fun and it’s warm.

Mexico is amazing, you must go!

Q: Besides skimboarding, what makes you happy?
A: Life is good. If you make the right choices and be honest about what makes you happy then life is a wonderful thing.
Very true. It was great to meet you, Sam.

Q: Any last words as we wrap up this interview?
A: The people who support me especially my partner Dani are fantastic. The people who buy my product and watch my videos are great support. Mainly positive which is great. Everyone I talk to and spend time with, you guys are great!
Sam’s online stuff –

Website – ​Oxsenterprises.com
Personal FB |
OXS Enterprises FB |
IG | Twitter ​| YouTube


Somehow DB Skimboards legend Isaac Thomas’s legs continue to function as he continues to push his skimboarding skills. Watch a new video featuring some new and old footage featuring Thomas and the DB Skimboards crew.

“Isaac Thomas has been progressing the sport of skimboarding for over 15 years. Over the course of his skimboarding he has been one of the most influential riders in the sport. He has released countless video parts, pro model skimboards, and taught hundreds of people to ride, and enjoy the sport he loves so much.” From the DB Skimboards blog post HERE.

Isaac Thomas’s HUGE skimboard collection.

A snap from the DB Pro/AM.

Check out more of the DB Skimboards lineup at DBskimboards.com

Team Zap in Cabo 2018 TEASER (Zap Skimboards)

Cabo is a magical place. There isn’t many spots where the water is so clear and the waves abundant. We took a trip to this skimboarders paradise with an all time crew. There was Gerardo Valencia, Yahir Valencia, Zack Carter, and John Akerman that mixed it up better than anything else! The laughs shared and many barrels caught were all captured by Tony Bianchi whom made a killer video for your viewing pleasure. We will be releasing the video this Friday but in the mean time enjoy this teaser!

Film+Edit: Tony Bianchi

More Skim goodness at: zapskimboards.com