eglass E-Glass is the most common fiber reinforcement used in the composites world. It is popular because it offers very good performance for how much it costs. It is not as strong or stiff as the higher priced Sglass and Carbon, but is still a high quality material. Our Eglass boards are constructed exactly like the end Sglass and Carbon but with this more inexpensive material. They are also glassed a little heavier to compensate for some of the loss of strength and stiffness.
sglass S-Glass stands for structural fiberglass. It is 30% stronger than regular fiberglass and about 15% stiffer. It also costs more than twice as much! But when you are buying a high end product it is important to pay a little extra for the things that will make it last. Exile’s S-Glass skimboards have multiple layers of S-Glass on each side. This makes the board a little stronger than an eglass board of the same weight and a little bit stiffer too.
carbon CARBON FIBER is practically synonymous with top of the line in any industry. This fabric is highly coveted in skimboards for its extreme strength and stiffness. Carbon fiber fabrics are about twice as strong and stiff as E-Glass. Boards made with this material come out a little stronger, a little lighter and a whole lot stiffer than S-Glass boards.
proto The Standard Proto is a benchmark in flatland skimboarding. This board has been on the podium more times than Apollo Ohno in the winter Olympics. Ridden by some of the best flatland skimboarders in the world, the control and pop of this board speak for themselves. If you are into tech flatland tricks, and technical jibs, this is the board for you.
streamline The Standard Streamline’s design makes it a great all around board. This board can excel in both shallow and deep water. With a narrower width the streamline gets from edge to edge quickly making this board very maneuverable. The maple epoxy layup ensures this board will be as tough as you are. Shred banks, boxes, small waves, logs and whatever else with this multi-function shred stick.
sandblaster The Standard Sanblaster is a great board for light shorebreak. This is one of the fastest boards you will find on the beach allowing you to make it out to waves on flatter beaches. Whether you are looking to cruise in the flats, or make hard carves in the oncoming surf, the Sandblaster’s got what it takes to be a super fun board.
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