Answer the questions below and email them to

1) What’s your name?
2) Where are you from?
3) How old are you?
4) How long have you been skimming?
5) Where do you skim normally?
6) Who do you skim with?
7) What is your favorite skim spot?
8) Where have you traveled to skimboard?
9) Where do you want to travel to skim?
10) What board(s) do you ride?
11) Do you wave skim? Flatland? Both?
12) Do you compete?
13) If so, what competitions have you competed in?
14) And what are some of your contest highlights?
15) Do you have any sponsors? What companies?
16) What other board sports do you partake in?
17) Where do you see the skimboarding going in the future?
18) What riders influenced your skimboarding?
19) What riders are pushing the sport right now?
20) If you were stranded on a desert island that already has a plentiful resource of skimboards what three things would you bring?
21) What makes you happy?
22) If everyone rode a skimboard would the world be a better place?
22) What skimboarding goals do you have?
22) What is your favorite skimboarding trick?
23) Last words? Shout outs?

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