Interview With Australian Skimboarder Daniel Voysey

Meet 30-year old skimboarder Daniel Voysey from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia! Words by Kelli Bean Photos by Kirsten Voysey So great to meet you, Daniel. It is not everyday I meet a skimboarder from Australia so I appreciate your interest in…

Victorian Skim Society 2010 footage on FrankstonTV

This is an old documentary Matt Peters rehashed from 2010. It gives a quick insight into the Victorian Skim Society in Australia and how it came about. Find more information on the Victorian Skim Society Facebook Page

South Australian skimboarding with Jake McIntosh

“Here’s what I have been working on for the last couple of months. Most of the footage is taken from a few days on the Yorke Peninsula (South Australia) with a couple clips from different spots around Adelaide also. Cheers…

VSS – Frankston Skim Demo 2012

A flatland skim demo, held by the Victorian Skim Society at Frankston Beach, Victoria, Australia.

2011 Frankston Skim Titles

Frankston’s annual Waterfront Festival saw out the Frankston Skim Titles 2011, hosted by the Victorian Skim Society, proudly sponsored by Nemo Skimboards & Trigger Brothers Frankston. This event wouldn’t be possible without the assistance from the Frankston Youth Resource Centre,…

Skimdulgence on Fuel TV

This years Skimdulgence was one of the biggest ever with riders from all over the country and even world making there way to the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Exile Skimboards rider Austin Keen made the trip down to see…

Skimboarding Montage

A skim video montage of Peter Barth made out of some session footage filmed last summer. A majority of the video was shot by Peter’s girlfriend, which makes his girlfriend pretty awesome if you ask us… Cameras used: Panasonic AG…

Bailey Sampson

Bailey Sampson is a 14-year old skim grom from Victoria, Austriala. How long have you been skimming? 2 years strong! Where do you skim normally? Frankston Beach, Victoria Australia. Who do you skim with? Usually a couple of mates around…

Skim Indulgence

From Exile Skimboards: Austin Keen is set to fly out this Thursday and spend 2 weeks with part of the Australian skim scene. A big thank you to Rad White for helping organize Austin’s travels and taking care of him…

Tommy Jacobson

We had the opportunity to shoot off some questions to DB Skimboards rider Tommy Jacobson from NSW, Australia. Enjoy.

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