THE ADDICTION: skimboarding movie trailer

We are stoked to see this skimboarding video in the works by Skim Junky! Watch the preview of the video and the words below from the creators of the skim video. “Skim Junky is proud to release their first epic…

Good Call by Tenth Street Bros

2012 Tenth Street Bros Film, Good Call. Starring: Bill Bryan, George Bryan, Morgan Just, Erick Rosenberry, Jackson Tenney, Chris da Canha, and anyone else ripping this year. Locations include: South Africa, Brazil,Mexico, Hawaii, Laguna, Wedge, LA County. Tenth Street Bros/Facebook.…

Beakers Weekend in Santa Cruz

I had a blast shooting Bill skim over the course of 3 days. Not the best conditions but still was a great atmosphere and lots of positive energy with a great group of people. The first day of filming took place at Privates. There was an early morning film session at 26th which lead to the mission of having to hike / climb / walk over rocks, and dodge incoming waves along the large rocks while holding a backpack full of gear.

Mostly 2012 Cabo Classic Video

The Cabo Classic is always one of the most exciting skimboarding contests on the United Skim Tour.

Bill Bryan Rides Velocity Skimboards part 1

Bill Bryan Rides Velocity Skimboards part . Bill Bryan shows is everlasting skill on a Velocity Skimboard. Watch and Enjoy!1

VIDEO: Bill Bryan rides for you!

Bill Bryan is probably the best skimboarder that has ever stepped on a skimboard. Dominating from his early days, Bill has taken his skills to the top. Recently winning his 3rd straight United Skim Tour Championship, Bill Bryan is on…

Mostic Inc Mini Doc: 2010 World Championships of Skimboarding

Going Against The Grain from Representing A Vision on Vimeo. Check out this mini documentary from Mostic Inc covering the 2010 World Championships of Skimboarding.

Bill Bryan Bungee Video

Untitled from jplagos on Vimeo.

The Skateboard of Surfboards

Bill “Beaker” Bryan demonstrating why the ONE by Catch Surf is called the “Skateboard of Surfboards”. The ONE is a finless shred stick that is a finless surfboard and skimboard in one. Designed by Tom Morey and handmade by Catch…

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