2015 Cabo Classic Skimboarding Contest Video

The United Skim Tour’s 2015 Cabo‬ San Lucas skimboarding contest went down and was epic. Dilt Productions put together this skim edit from the contest. Watch and enjoy.

SKIMPOINT: Cabo San Lucas 2014

The voyage was made to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and a some epic skimboarding went down that was captured by SkimPoint on Vimeo. Here’s the skimboarind video they put together edited to the music of RCSA featuring the song operate.…

2014 Cabo Clasico – UST Stop #2

The 2014 Cabo Clasico was a sight to behold with near perfect waves over the three contest days. 2013 UST champ Austin Keen won his first event of the year followed closely by Cabo wildcard Juan Carlos Nazario, two-time champ…

EQUILIBRIUM: 2013 Cabo Clasico Skimboarding Video

Video of the 2013 Cabo Clasico 2013 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The contest was held May 24-26 and was the second stop of the United Skim Tour. VIDEO BY EQUILIBRIUM: http://www.equilibriumproject.com Final Results (PRO): 1. Teddy Vlasis 2. Perry…

Cabo Classic Skimboarding Contest: Day 1 Highlights

Video of day one of the 2013 Cabo Classic the second stop of the United Skim Tour. EQUILIBRIUM | Free Your Mind equilibriumproject.com Cabo Clasico 2013, 24-26 May, Los Cabos World Cup of Skimboarding — UST Stop #2 Day 1…

New Cabo San Lucas Skimboarding Video by TOEKNEEABC123/Eelsnot

Checkout this amazing video by Tony “Toeknee” Bianchi supported by Eelsnot Board Therapy. “Skimboarding film trip sponsored by Eelsnot Board Therapy with assistance from others noted in video. Mexico is an amazing place to visit and share my take on…


EQUILIBRIUM PROJECT: http://www.equilibriumproject.com EQUILIBRIUM Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Equilibrium/164951103620647?ref=ts Song: Pretty Lights – You Get High Available here: http://www.prettylightsmusic.com We do not own the rights to this song. No copyright infringement intended. Location: Desaladora – Cabo San Lucas (Los Cabos), Mexico EQUILIBRIUM SKIM…

Unamas: Cabo San Lucas Video

A video out of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. UNAMAS CABO SANLUCAS from slyae33 on Vimeo.

Solmar Beach: Cabo San Lucas Skimboarding Photos

Some photos of skimboarder Emilio Figueroa at Solmar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

2012 Cabo Classic

The Cabo Classic rider meeting will take place at 9:30 Thursday May 17th at the Faraway Bar in Cabo San Lucas. All competitors must be present to enter and to find out the time and location for the competition. There…

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