Exile Skimboards: Tom Bracht Chub Scout Winter Wonderland

Think skimboarding is tough during the summer? Try it wearing a 6/5/4 wetsuit with 7mm boots and gloves! Tom Bracht got it done on his Chub Scout™ despite one of the harshest Delaware winters on record. Water temperatures were getting…

Exile Skimboards: Ken Suzuki Mini Skimboarding Edit

Checkout the skimboarding video from Exile Skimboards team rider Ken Suzuki featuring some skimboard footage from summer 2014. “Ken Suzuki made a quick edit of some of his summer highlights. For those of you that are not yet familiar with…

Brian Murphy | Interview

New Jersey native Brian Murphy has been killing it since hes moved to Texas. Transitioning over from “Wave Skimboarding” to “Flatland Skimboarding”. Expect some cool new things coming from Brian here in the next few months. He is currently working…

Exile SkimNorte Open Photos

Here are results and some photos from The Exile Skim Norte Open in Portugal by freestyle-spirit.com. OPEN RESULTS: 1. Hugo Santos 2. Simão Pinto 3. Eduardo Joaquim 4. Diogo Abrantes

Is it summer yet?

Watch Sam Stinnett on his Exile Dude Cruz killing it at 10th street, Laguna Beach.

Paulo Prietto Skimboarding Segment

Another amazing edit by Exile Skimboards of Paulo Prietto. Paulo Prietto is one of the bigger names in skimboarding for many reasons, not the least of which is his sick skimboarding skills! Watch this video for proof! This video is…

Exile Skimboards Team Mix Tape

A downbeat little skimboarding video featuring Exile Skimboarders team riders such as Paulo Prietto, Jake Stinnett, George Bryan, Brendan Stevens, Sam Stinnett, etc…

Skim Indulgence

From Exile Skimboards: Austin Keen is set to fly out this Thursday and spend 2 weeks with part of the Australian skim scene. A big thank you to Rad White for helping organize Austin’s travels and taking care of him…

Brandon Sears Pro Skimboarding Movie
Lunchbreak Sesh

Paulo Prietto, Tim Fulton, Brandon Sears are captured in this video shot at West St. during a 62 minute lunch break.

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