Zap Skimboards: The Zap Chimp Skimboard and Roman Hager

Super skimboard grom Roman Hager is stepping up his game on the new Zap Chimp Skimboard. The Chimp skimboard is a perfect board for the skim grom who wants to progress their skills in the water. Checkout the video edited…

Meet Flordia skimboarder and U.S. Marine Eric Bitz

Eric Bitz is a 21-year old skimboarder from Clearwater, Florida who has been skimboarding for 13 years now. Eric has a unique story since he is a U.S. Marine serving with 2nd Battalion 8th Marines as an infantry machine gunner…

Shore LB Throw Down: Vero Beach Skim

Checkout the video from Broken Productions featuring the highlights from the 2014 Shore LB Throw Down. The skimboarding contest/jam is held in Vero Beach, Florida.

Run Drop Slide Vilano Skimboarding

Checkout the quick edit of the 2014 Run Drop Slide Vilano Skimboarding contest in Florida by Brandon Rolland. The event was put on by Run Drop Slide. Artist: The Pixies Song: Bone Machine

Panama City Beach Skim Jam 2014

Jack Tenney has conquered the 16th Annual Zap Pro/Am Spring Skim Jam, at Panama City Beach, Florida. A Short summarization of the 2014 Panama City Beach Zap Pro/AM Skim Jam. Featuring:Corbin Dull, Shaun Gaiser, Brad Domke,Colton Wallace, Derek Shenton, Dave…

Vero Beach: Spring Skimboarding Session

A new skimboarding edit by Broken Productions of some spring swells in Vero Beach, Florida. The featured skimboarders in this video are Troy Rhoten, Eddie Dixon, ET Baker, Adam Harrick, and Andrew Clarke. Film/Edit Kip Brazie.

Florida Winter Skimboarding Session

First winter swell hit South Florida in late November/early December. Haze Photography managed to get some footage of a morning session with the BSB. Enjoy part 1 of many of this skimboarding series: Winter. Edited By: Rodrigo Haberfeld and Jonathan…

Alley-Oop Skim: Late Summer Hurricane Swell

Skimboarding in southern Delaware during a nice late summer hurricane swell September 2012. Riders featured are Jason Wilson, Joey Vavala, Tony Bianchi, Dave Bracht, Jamie Celano, Patrick Monigle, and Bill Baxter. The Grinch towing Winch by Distortion was used for…

2013 Florida Pro/Am Video: UST Stop No. 6

Sam Stinnett took the win at this years Florida UST event solidifying his lead in the 2013 UST standings. Morgan Just took second place while Austin Keen and Derek Shenton rounded out the top four. Follow the United Skim Tour:…

2013 Vilano Pro / Am Skimboarding Contest

Video of the 2013 Vilano Pro/Am skimboarding contest held in Florida. “Well let me tell you these skimmers are gnarly. They run a million miles an hour and jump on there boards and it doesn’t always work. This contest was…

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