2014 Santa Cruz Skimblast – UST Stop #7

Prime conditions graced the 2014 Skimblast at times and the pros were ready to pounce scoring some of the cleanest wraps in recent memory. Blair Conklin walked away with the contest win this year, as well as last year while…

2014 TAC Skim Blast Santa Cruz

This past weekend was amazing! Big thanks to everyone who showed up and supported the event. Can’t wait for next year! Hope you enjoy the video you guys and sorry if i did not include all of you! It looked…

2013 Santa Cruz Skimboarding Bash Video

Video coverage of the 2013 Tac Santa Cruz Skimboarding Bash took place last weekend in Santa Cruz, California. Song: Tame Impala- why won’t they talk to me Filmed and edited by JOSH GREENE Results: 1. Blair Conklin 2. Austin Keen…

Zap + Skim USA in Portugal: Teaser

This past summer some of the Zap crew went with the Skim USA team to the International UST event which took place in Santa Cruz, Portugal. The waves were fun for the event and the weather could not have been…

2012 UST Stop 7: Santa Cruz Skimbash Video

The 2012 Santa Cruz Skimbash was held 9/15 and 9/16 at 26th Ave in Santa Cruz Ca. Professional skimboarders from across the country made the journey to compete on the glassy waves under typically cloudy skies. In the end Austin Keen picked up his first win of the UST Season launching him well into the top 10. Only one stop remains on the 2012 UST tour and a lot will be up for grabs at the next event.

Beakers Weekend in Santa Cruz

I had a blast shooting Bill skim over the course of 3 days. Not the best conditions but still was a great atmosphere and lots of positive energy with a great group of people. The first day of filming took place at Privates. There was an early morning film session at 26th which lead to the mission of having to hike / climb / walk over rocks, and dodge incoming waves along the large rocks while holding a backpack full of gear.

Velocity Skimboards: Wyatt Colen

Here’s a video of 18-year old Santa Cruz skimboarder Wyatt Colen of three days of skimming he put together into this short edit. Wyatt also rides for Velocity skimboards created by Santa Cruz local Gary Velo. Also, Velocity Skimboards has…

International Skimboard Santa Cruz Beach Portugal

Here is an edit of the end of the International Skimboard Santa Cruz Beach. One of the best finals seen in Portugal with great ambiance, excellent condition and great athletes Portuguese.

Skim Viento del Mar

Skimboarding in Santa Cruz, CA. Featured riders: Ben Koscielniak, Cameron Carothers, Corey Ryan, David Haefele, Schuyler Rose, and Preston Anderson. Filmed with Nikon D90 and GoPro cameras and edited with Windows Movie Maker.

2010 Skimbash Video
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