2015 Vic Skimboard Contest Photos and Video

The 2015 Vic Skimboard Contest went down in epic fashion per usual and we are stoked to present the official United Skim Tour video along with some rad photos from Mitch Ridder. We snagged some of the contest run down…

2014 Victoria World Championship of Skim

Victoria World Championship of Skimboarding went down at Aliso in Laguna Beach, CA. Sammy Stinnett took the title, being the 2nd person to win this contest 3 times, first person being 14x winner Bill Beaker Bryan. Subscribe for skimboarding videos.…

Dilt Productions: Aliso Siders Video

Video of some siders at Aliso Beach in California. Edit by Dilt Productions.

Video and Results from the 2013 Victoria World Championships of Skimboarding

Some say it was the best waves in 37 years at the Vic this year. Checkout the video by and the results below. Video by Josh Greene Results: 8-Under 1. Hayden Rodgers 2. Max Brown 3. Sky Ohlund 4. Zachary…

The VIC 2013 this Saturday!

The 37th Annual VIC has a $6,000 Pro Purse at Aliso Beach, California. Get excited for the this Saturday! thevic.victoriaskimboards.com Tune in to the 37th annual VIC. This year’s world championships of skim boarding will be going down June 29th…

Victoria Skimboards Saturday Sessions :: June

Every Saturday morning the Victoria Skimboards Team (Pros, and Amateurs) meet at Aliso Beach. Anyone that would like, is more than welcome to join the fun!!! Stay Tuned for More! We hope to see you there, and skim with us!…

Two Videos: 2012 World Championships of Skimboarding

The 2012 Victoria WCS from Aliso Beach, Laguna, CA. Sam Stinnett claimed first place for his second consecutive year. The heats leading up the the finals were stacked from the beginning. Overall called for an overcast start to both days, and troughy water.

A Fine Aliso Morning…

Some of the Victoria Skimboards crew rallied for a session at Aliso Beach on a not so sunny (or warm) January morning. There were no complaints as the surf provided the fun. Enjoy the smooth tunes and solid riding as…

Slotstik Skimboards: Wing Fish

Watch pro skimboarder Omar Meddeb ride the Wing Fish from Slotstik Skimboards. An afternoon down at Aliso Beach.

VIDEO: 1997 Laguna Beach Skimmboarding World Championships

Check out this video of the 1997 Laguna Beach Skimmboarding World Championships at the Aliso Pier.

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