Sununga Skimboard Contest Video

Sununga is one of the most anticipated skimboard contests in the world and and ecotreme Media captured it beautifully. That skimboard spot is so special due to the people, its climate and those perfect waves make Sununga a skimboaders paradise…

United Skim Tour: 2015 Sununga Skimboarding Video

Sununga is one of the most anticipated events on the United Skim Tour for good reason. Perfect siders, the best skimmers in the world and a full week waiting period… whats not to like!? This year it all boiled down…

United Skim Tour: Blair Conklin wins Sununga

Exile Skimboards team rider Blair Conklin took first place at Sununga the third stop of the United Skim Tour. Word on the beach is it was a tight Final against local hero Leandro and Blair barely edged him out. (Photo…

Sununga Beach Skimboarding

Sununga Beach Skimboarding is just so epic. Here’s a video featuring some of Sununga locals and the the last swell of March 2015. The swell touched the coast of São Paulo and local surfers and skimboarders took advantage of it.

Brazil Skimboard Sessions captured by Andre Magarao

Brazillian photographer Andre Magarao has been capturing amazing skimboard photos for years now and this recent batch that were featured over at Exile Skimboards are epic. Angry used his artistic ability and some remote flashes to capture these breathtaking photos.…

Summer Skimboard Sessions at Sununga

Who wants to go to Brazil? We sure as hell do for oh so many reasons and one of the main reasons being the epic sider at Sununga. Such a fun looking skimboard spot that we would love to shred.…

Team Lucas: Winter ain’t so bad

Lucas Gomes and Lucas Fink enjoy a couple of skimboarding sessions during winter. This video should give you a taste of what’s to come in summer. This video shows why Winter ain’t so bad in Rio! Filmed at Ipanema Beach…

Leandro Azevedo wins the 2014 UST World Cup in Sununga, Brazil.

The 2014 United Skim Tour (UST) season is underway. The first stage has been successfully concluded in the warm sands of Sununga. The level of riding, wave quality, and atmosphere could not have been much better. Skimboarding is definitely growing,…

Leandro Azevedo – Skimboarding Sununga World Cup 2013

Leandro Azevedo connects the three peaks at Sununga Beach, Brazil showing just what an awesome wave this is for skimboarding.

Skimboarding Algarrobo skimboard | Lafkenche

Skimboarding video captured at Algarrobo Lafkenche featuring the top athletes from Brazil and Chile. Video by Algarrobo skimboard | Lafkenche from ecoxtreme Media on Vimeo

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