SacTown Throwdown Skimboard Contest Video

The 2nd Annual SacTown Throwdown happened and bangers were thrown and beers were drank and spliffs were smoked in traditional Sacramento style. It’s rad to see so many events happen this summer in the flatland world of skimboarding. We were…

2nd Annual Sactown Throwdown Skimboard Contest

The 2nd Annual Sactown Throwdown is this Saturday at Paradise Beach in Sacramento, California. Meet up with the DB Skimboards, Goon and Kaytoics crew! There is a $20 Entry and both amateur and pro divisions.

GOON: Full-length Skimboard Movie

Goon Media’s first full length skimboarding film has officially been released. GOON exposes the history of the Sacramento crew over the past two years and shows each stop of their tour to Washington and Canada during the summer of 2014.…

DB Skimboards Rider Series featuring Adam Balaam

Adam Balaam and the Goon crew in Northern California are redefining flatland skimboarding. Adam started skimboarding in Sacramento recently moved to San Francisco where he now calls Baker Beach home. Adam is a progresive skimboarder who is pushing the limits…

DB Skimboards: Cardo Vega Mini Edit

This Cardo Vega dude shreds! DB Skimboards just released a mini edit featuring the team rider Goon Media member from Sacramento, California. The video was short and left us wanting more, but that boneless he landed in Bellingham Bay was…

Goon Media: The SF Chronicles

A sequel to Simply Reno, the SF Chronicles examines the lifestyle of Goon’s SF cats, Adam Balaam and Dallas Kingsbury. Produced by Dallas Kingsbury. About the Goon… Goon started as a collaboration between flatland skimmers in order to raise the…

Goon Media: Sactown Throwdown Video

The Official edit of the first annual Sactown Throwdown is here! The contest was presented by Goon, DB, Ground Zero, and Zed. Filming by Dylan Burzinski and Derek Popple. Edit by Derek Popple. Pro Results: 1. Cardo Vega 2.…

SacTown Throwdown

The SacTown Throwdown is a week away. Come out for one of the gnarliest comps of the year. There’s going to be hesh rails, bails and a product toss.

Goon Skimboarding: Goon and Destroy

The Goon Skim crew out of Sacramento just released a new edit titled “Goon and Destroy”. The footage in this video is from Sacramento, San Francisco and Washington. The riders featured in the video are Adam Balaam, Kenny Prattico, Dallas…

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