Let’s Go Skimboarding!

DB Skimboards team rider Isaac Thomas throws down a ride variety of tricks in this brand new edit to get you stoked for summer! Isaac has been pushing the limits of what can be done on a flatland skimboard for…

Isaac Thomas Shipwrecks Skimboard Session

A few photos of Isaac Thomas skimboarding Thomas Pro at the Tacoma Shipwrecks Beach. The skim session featured a variety of tricks ranging from backside boardslides, frontboards and frontside nose blunts. View the full skimboard session report over on the…

2014 DB Pro/AM Skimboarding Edit

Here’s the skimboarding video edit of the 2014 DB Pro/AM by EqualMotion. This video features the music of Zion I and the song Coastin. You can watch Zion I perform the song live here. The 2014 DB Skimboards Pro/AM took…

Skim Jam seven weekend

2GNAR TEXAS FLATLAND SKIMBOARDING presents.. DB Skimboards pros Isaac Thomas and Blake Zimmerman make their way down to Cypress,TX once again for the Skim2Live flatland skimboarding contest “skimjam” what a badass weekend {minus the 14 staples I had to get…

Half Minute with Isaac Thomas


DB Skimboards “EDIT #2” Isaac Thomas Professional Skimboarding

DB Skimboards team rider Isaac Thomas with a compilation edit from 2012. Isaac has been skimming for over 8 years and highlights the history of his involvement with Flatland Skimboarding and his passion for the sport. www.dbskimboards.com

Isaac Thomas Skimboarding in Bellingham Bay

The Bellingham Herald made a short video of Isaac Thomas and Casey Gackle skimboarding in Bellingham. Great to see more media outlets covering skimboarding. Checkout the full gallery here: CLICK HERE

2012 DB Skimboards Pro/AM Edit | Dash Point

Video of the 2012 DB Pro/AM by Equalmotion.com for DB Skimboards. Results: It was a rainy day at Dash Point in Federal Way, Washington for the 2012 DB Pro/AM. DB Skimboards has been putting on this contest for quite sometime…

Flatland Pro: Isaac Thomas

Isaac Thomas is 25-year old a skimboarder from Tacoma Washington who has been skimboarding for 10 years now this summer. We asked him or standard set of questions and combined it with photos 25 photos from EqualMotion.com. Enjoy! Where do…

Winter DB Session in Bellingham

Some photos of a recent DB Skimboards session in Bellingham with Isaac Thomas and Matt McDonald. A big shout out to wetsuits and beanies for making that session tolerable.

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