All I want for Christmas are waves for my skimboard!

Professional skimboarder Alexandra Badie said it best on Instagram when she said “All I want for Christmas is waves!” LagunaSoCal Photography captured two great photos of Alexandra skimboarding with a Santa hat that really captured the holiday spirit on a…

Blair Conklin Summer Skimboarding in Slow Motion

Blair Conklin caught through the lens at 240 frames per second with a Sony FS700 this summer down in South Laguna Beach. Watch closely and do your best to emulate Blair’s subtle adjustments and movements to get more amplitude and…

Skim Brasil in Laguna Beach

Andre Magarao is one of our favorite skimboarding photographers and him the Skim Brasil crew have been skimming/snapping some photos in Southern California.

Two Videos: 2012 World Championships of Skimboarding

The 2012 Victoria WCS from Aliso Beach, Laguna, CA. Sam Stinnett claimed first place for his second consecutive year. The heats leading up the the finals were stacked from the beginning. Overall called for an overcast start to both days, and troughy water.

Skim OC: Laguna Beach

Skim is a sport that was originated in Laguna Beach in the 1970s. Most recently Cory Sparkuhl teamed up with longtime friend and skim boarding pro Brandon Sears to create 100% self made, filmed, directed, produced, and edited reality show about the lifestyle of skim. The show is based around seven pro and up and coming male and female athletes.

2011 Victoria Skimboards World Championship

The 35th Annual Victoria Skimboards World Championship of Skimboarding put South Laguna’s Stinnett brothers for the first time at the top of the men’s professional division, beating previous defending champions. RESULTS: Professional Men 1st – Sam Stinnett 2nd – Jake…

Blair Conklin skimboarding mini movie

Watch Exile Skimboards team rider Blair Conklin skimming at his home breaks in Laguna Beach.

GoPro HD Hero: Skimboarding In Laguna Beach

Danny Diaz, Austin Keen, Morgan Just and George Bryan sharing some waves and a helmet cam to get a few shots.

VIDEO: 1997 Laguna Beach Skimmboarding World Championships

Check out this video of the 1997 Laguna Beach Skimmboarding World Championships at the Aliso Pier.

Victoria Skimboards WCS 2010: Results

The 34th annual Victoria Skimboards World Championship of Skimboarding has wrapped up in Laguna Beach, CA. Morgan Just taking the men’s pro division and Anna Prophet taking the women’s pro division. Below we have some of the live footage of the contest and full results. Make sure to check back for more.

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