Sam Stinnett – “Beast Mode” – Pro Skimboarding

Two-time World Champion of Skimboarding Sam Stinnett finally getting the online segment he deserves thanks to Freak Traction, Sector 9 Skateboards, Realm Shades and MOV. Music: “Lord, I just can’t keep from crying” by The Barr Brothers

VIDEO: Finals of the United Skim Tour in Sununga

Here are video highlights of the finals at the United Skim Tour’s Sununga event in Ubatuba, Brasil. Thanks to Fernando Moura for putting the video together. “I am claiming best contest in the history of skimboarding, straight up,” said Aaron…

I’m a Stranger | SkimMexiko

Tow in barreks at Melaque, Mexico with Sam and Jake Stinnett.

2012 United Skim Tour Final Standings

The 2012 United Skim Tour season came to a close last weekend in Newport Beach CA. Going into the event, 1st and 2nd place were already locked up by Sam Stinnett and Blair Conklin following early contest season domination. It was a good thing too since both riders tweaked their knees in the week of epic swell before the event. Sam chose to sit Oktoberfest out while Blair skimmed, but not at his usual level of aggressiveness. The UST wishes both a speedy recovery.

Best Wrap Barrel Shot ever? Video featuring Sam Stinnett

“This the best wrap barrel shot I have ever filmed my entire life skim boarding & possible the best Wrap Barrel ever Filmed.” – Jackson Joogin Tenney

2011 West Coast Championships – United Skim Tour

Sam Stinnett won the Aliso contest this year launching to within a hairs breath of the number one spot on the UST tour. The Top 8 were: 1. Sam Stinnett 2. Jake Stinnett 3. Teddy Vlasis 4. Blair Conklin 5.…

Is it summer yet?

Watch Sam Stinnett on his Exile Dude Cruz killing it at 10th street, Laguna Beach.

Exile Skimboards Team Mix Tape

A downbeat little skimboarding video featuring Exile Skimboarders team riders such as Paulo Prietto, Jake Stinnett, George Bryan, Brendan Stevens, Sam Stinnett, etc…

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