2014 Zed Skimboards

Diatrax Slash Jeff Z shows off the new 2014 Zed Skimboards. The 1 CM traction provides ample cushion for even the heaviest rail stomps. The Zed complex rocker provide a CAD designed rocker pattern for maximum rides and maximum distance.…

Zed Skimboards : For Sale

The time has come to sell a brand that we have built with blood sweat and tears. Established in 1998 Zed Skimboards started on the shores of Saratoga Beach and being built in a Campbell River workshop. The brand grew…


2GNAR TEXAS FLATLAND SKIMBOARDING presents .. GNARFEST 2013 || 2GNAR Texas Flatland Skimboarding contest sponsored by EELSNOT, ZED SKIMBOARDS, CONSPIRACY SKIMBOARDS, DB SKIMBOARDS Nick Reeves – dub grab   Standings| 50 $ cash prize plus prizes 19 & under| 1st…

2GNAR | GNARFEST 2013 Results & Photos

  2GNAR Texas Flatland Skimboarding hosted GNARFEST 2013 last saturday in Cypress, Texas . Sponsored by DB Skimboards, Zed Skimboards,Conspiracy Skimboards, Eelsnot and Flatland Magazine. Here are results and a few photos from the event | photos by Cameron Hagen…

Throwback Thursday: 2011 Zed Island Skimboarding Jam

It’s Thursday, which means it is Throwback Thursday and we are posting more old skimboarding photos and videos. For today’s Throwback Thursday we are posting photos of the 2011 Zed Skimboards Island Skim Jam. Photos by Matt McDonald | EqualMotion.com.

2011 Zed Island Skim Session Photos

Photos from the Zed Island Skim Session on Vancouver Island by Matt McDonald. View all the photos by clicking HERE.

Q&A with event organizer Jeff Zamluk

Here is a Q&A with Jeff Zamluk skim event organizer and owner of Zed Skimboards a few questions about the first stop of the 2010 Northwest Skim Tour Whitty’s Lagoon. How did you start the event at Whitty’s Lagoon? Zed…

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