Skim2Live Recap Video by 2GNAR Texas Flatland Skimboarding

2GNAR TEXAS FLATLAND SKIMBOARDING presents…Skim2live hosted Skimjam 10 July 15th, 2017. 10 YEARS OF S2L skimjams! This year Professional Flatland Skimboarders Isaac Thomas (DB), Logan Davidson (71), Casey Gackle(DB) and Ruben Gutierrez(71) traveled to Texas for the final skimjam contest.

The Am contest went down with Ben Hayman taking 1st place. When It was time for the Pro contest a lightning storm took over Cypress Creek forcing the pro contest to be cancelled. We did manage to get to skim and film about 10 minutes before we had to bail out of the creek.

Logan Davidson
Isaac Thomas
Casey Gackle
Ruben Gutierrez
Ryan Efaw
Ben Hayman

Film & Edit
Mitch Elder

Song : Andrew Applepie – Nobody Knows

Skim2Live is a non-profit skimboarding team based in Cypress, TX. Skim2Live hosts The Texas Skim Tour which consists of several skimboarding competitions and demo events across the state. All the proceeeds from the tour are donated to The Rose, a non-profit breast cancer organization.

In Loving Memory: Kyle Bazner; Northern Michigan Skimboarding Pioneer

In Loving Memory of Kyle Austin Bazner
May 12, 1992 – October 6th, 2013


Up North Skim & J-Gordon Team Rider Kyle Bazner
Words By: Josh Wright

             Just like many other innovative sports that have traveled off the beaten path before like skateboarding, snowboarding and many others, flatland skimboarding has been slowly developing into a globally celebrated pastime. I’m willing to bet that if you asked any flatland skimmer why they love the sport so much, the answer you’d receive would reflect the freedom, creativity, and pure good vibes that it entails.full (1)
I was introduced to the flatland skimboarding scene by my closest friend, Kyle Bazner. With help from Jim Gordon, owner of J-Gordon Skimboards, Kyle was able create a sector of flatland that hadn’t been explored, in Northern Michigan. The northwestern side of our mitten-shaped peninsula was introduced to a world of watersport that had yet to be pioneered in our region.


Sadly, my dear friend Kyle passed on from this world during October of last year (2013). I can honestly say that I have never encountered a person who represented the true vibe of skimboarding like Kyle did. Kyle had a laid back demeanor that was calming to be around. Being at the beach with him and just tossing our board’s down and enjoying the vibes of the sun and good company will be memories that I will hold and cherish forever.

I hope the streams are shallow enough and free from jagged rocks for you up there in the big skim spot in the sky, my brother.

Your passing has touched a lot of people, but I don’t know if flatland skimming will ever be the same without you. Until we meet again, Baz.

-Josh Wright


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Kyle Bazner was my team rider that brought flatland skimming to the Great Lakes. This was back when no one knew what flatland skimming was all about. – Jim Gordon – J-GORDON Skimboards

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Check out Kyle Bazner skim videos.


2009 Rider Interview




Kyle Bazner was paving the way for flatland skimboarding in Northern Michigan. If you watched you-tube videos
circa 2007-2010 then you definitely stumbled upon a Up North Skim video featuring Kyle Bazner and his crew of talented riders  Adam Scarbrough, Nate Sharpe, Josh Wright,  Russell Tandy, Jesse Wright
and the rest of the shredders from that area. – Mitch E.

In Loving Memory : Northern Michigan Skimboarding Pioneer Kyle Bazner




Down South Dayz: The Skimboard Preseason

Jace Basford, Collin Hager, and Ryan Cook are warming up for the 2015 skim season. This edit is the first installment of the series “Down South Dayz” of in which these riders will bring you their lifestyles and everyday skimming spots, tricks, and setups and show you how they live Down South. Be on the lookout for more content. You can Follow Down South on instagram @DownSouthMOB. Song is View$ prod. by @devinlydidit(Drake_Kendrick Lamar type beat).


2GNAR skim-zine

Enjoy the first issue of 2GNAR SKIM-ZINE. This project was started in January 2013. It features the progression of Flatland Skimboarding , Originally this project was made for print. It was finished in December 2013 with a few limited printed copy's. 2GNAR skim-zine has now skimmed its way onto the interwebs. ENJOY issue 1 of 2GNAR skim-zine.

editor - Mitch Elder