Libero x Seventyone Skim Silesia Cup 2020

Skimboarding contests and demos are back in full effect in Europe. One recent event was in Libero, Katowice, Poland. The contest was put on in Seventyone’s skimboarding pools. For more visit

Switching It Up – Logan Davidson – Seventyone Skimboarding

Switching It Up is the newest video part from Seventyone skimboarding team rider Logan Davidson featuring video footage from 2020 edited by Cole Diffner.

HOKUS Film – Daniel Prieß + Friedrich Flüh

Hokus Film is putting a very artistic twist on a skimboarding edit as DB Skimboards Team riders Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh are shredding around Europe.

Urban skimboarding: Voodoo Skim Park Update #5

Hi skimmers of the world! Marc Costa again with some more action from La Coruña. Days are coming to an end, and things will get better and more exciting the last days. Today I’ll be covering the last two weeks…

Urban skimboarding: Voodoo Skim Park Update #4

What’s up! Another week working in paradise has gone through. The skimpark is running smoothly, Rodrigo and I make a great team and things are getting better day after day. This week has been somehow special, mainly because Monday was…

Urban skimboarding: Voodoo Skim Park Update #2

Hey again! We’re here with the second weekly article, where I share how a summer working in a skimpark looks like. Today I’ll be explaining how we do clean the skimpool, how our first workshop went and what’s the latest…

Urban skimboarding: Voodoo Skim Park Update #3

Marc here again with the third weekly article of this summer series working in a skimpark all summer long in La Coruña. It’s time to share how we teach young skimmers their first steps in the sport, the workshop we…

DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2015 Official Video

The DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2015 official video is here! This is a true international skimboarding contest taking place in Gdańsk, Poland. This year was a tight contest with Adrien Raza and Logan Davidson going trick for trick with Adrien…

DB Skimboards: Full-length Skimboard RUN released on YouTube

DB Skimboards just released what could be the greatest flatland skimboard movie of all time RUN on Youtube. This video features all of the epic skimboarding you have come to expect from Isaac Thomas, Richard Docter, Bryce Hermansen and the…

2015 European Skimboard Cup Update

The 2015 European Skimboarding Cup is in full effect. Here’s some photos from Adam Chrabąszcz at Seventyone Skimboards from a few of the stops and full results below. Here are the results for the tour thus far. ESC Germany results:…

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