BROTHERHOOD Skim Movie Outtakes

It’s winter in the Pacific Northwest and Germany, but DB Skimboards and crew keeps releasing new flatland skimboarding content. The newish skimboard video BROTHERHOOD featuring German skimboarders Daniel Prieß Friedrich Flüh just had to bonus videos released. These two new…

Brotherhood Skimboard Movie is Out Now!

In a 2015 fast-living world full of two-minute web clips, a longer form of edit with a little more substance can be very refreshing. Something that goes a little deeper, something with more variety and more locations. With that being…

DB Skimboards Rider Series: Daniel Prieß

DB Skimboards team rider Daniel Prieß is a skimboarder from Germany who shreds and also is an amazing cinemaphotographer and editor. He is constantly skimboarding and putting out media like the SkimLife series. He also has been competting in the…

DB Skimboards: Friedrich Flüh / Skimlife

Skimlife is the ongoing adventures of DB Skimboards team riders Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh. This skimboard movie features team rider Friedrich Flüh skimboarding through Scharbeutz, Germany, Gothenburg, Sweden, Harlingen and Heerenveen, Netherlands, Barcelona, Spain, Rostock, Germany and Danzig, Poland.…

Skimlife Episode 4 – ‘The Netherlands’

  Check out german flatland skimboarders Friedrich Flüh and Daniel Prieß on their trip to the Netherlands to compete at the second stop of the European Skimboarding Cup in Rotterdam. “Before competing there we met up with the skimboarders in Heerenven…

Skimlife Episode 3 – ‘Boot Indoor Skimjam 2014’

Flashback to January. Check out german flatland skimboarders Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh throwing down at the Boot Indoor Skimjam 2014 in the latest Skimlife Episode. BROTHERHOOD


BeachBreakers Skim Crew have released the second episode for their video series ‘Skimlife Episodes’. Head over to their website to go behind the skim and see what Daniel Prieß has to say about filming tricks. More here:

2GNAR skim-zine

Enjoy the first issue of 2GNAR SKIM-ZINE. This project was started in January 2013. It features the progression of Flatland Skimboarding , Originally this project was made for print. It was finished in December 2013 with a few limited printed…

BeachBreakers / Skimlife Episode 1 ‘Skimming in the cold’

BeachBreakers Skim Crew have released the first episode for their video series ‘Skimlife Episodes’. ‘This is us skimboarding during the coldest months early this year January-April. We haven’t stopped skimboarding and kept skimming in the cold. It’s not about how cold…

BeachBreakers: Skimlife Episodes 2014 | Intro Teaser

The Beachbreakers Skim Crew will officially be doing a series of videos entitled ‘SKIMLIFE EPISODES’ throughout this years season featuring Friedrich Flüh, Daniel Prieß, Bengt Graper, Toni Korthals and Grom Lennart Hilker. We all want you to be a part…

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