Santa Cruz Skimblast 2017 Video – UST Stop #5

Blair Conklin took the win at this year’s Santa Cruz event, a contest where he has excelled in recent years. In doing so he jumped up into a strong first place in the standings on this year’s tour. He was followed by the talented John Weber in 2nd, Perry Pruitt in 3rd and Sam Stinnett in 4th.

For the first time in more than 25 years of competition history the Santa Cruz event was not held at 26th Ave this year. Contest organizer Ben Koscielniak decided to roll the dice on a new contest venue at 3rd Avenue. Despite the small swell most contest attendees approved of the change in venue and we expect to see it again in future years.

Full Standings:

Film/Edit: Travis Williams

2017 OBX Skim Jam Video – United Skim Tour Stop #1

Watch the edit by Shawn Kenny of the OBX Skim Jam the first stop of the 2017 United Skim Tour!

John Akerman jumped out to an early lead by taking first at the first event on this years United Skim Tour. He was followed by Sam McCoy on 2nd place, Perry Pruitt in 3rd and Sam Stinnett in 4th.

Congrats to the OBX Skim Jam crew on another successful event!

Get points updates as well as tour information at:

Ontario Skimboarding Open Photos, Video and Results

On July 29th we held the 3rd annual Ontario Skimboarding Open in Sauble Beach, Ontario. All divisions went hard to try and take home the top spots in each division.

Notable mentions were Blake Zimmerman, Adam Ricketts, Henry Mackay, Nick Vergut and Shaymus Finlay to just name a few. The comp overall was amazing from weather to rider to support and we hope that you can join us next year at the OSO 2018 in Sauble Beach Ontario Canada.

Follow our Instagram @ontarioskimboardingopen for all details for next year and years to come!


1st, Nick Vergut
2nd, Blake Zimmerman
3rd Tyler Ricketts

1st Matt Particka
2nd Campbell MacDonald
3rd Luke Meadus

1st Brendan
2nd Henry Mackay
3rd Angus Mackay

Skim2Live Recap Video by 2GNAR Texas Flatland Skimboarding

2GNAR TEXAS FLATLAND SKIMBOARDING presents…Skim2live hosted Skimjam 10 July 15th, 2017. 10 YEARS OF S2L skimjams! This year Professional Flatland Skimboarders Isaac Thomas (DB), Logan Davidson (71), Casey Gackle(DB) and Ruben Gutierrez(71) traveled to Texas for the final skimjam contest.

The Am contest went down with Ben Hayman taking 1st place. When It was time for the Pro contest a lightning storm took over Cypress Creek forcing the pro contest to be cancelled. We did manage to get to skim and film about 10 minutes before we had to bail out of the creek.

Logan Davidson
Isaac Thomas
Casey Gackle
Ruben Gutierrez
Ryan Efaw
Ben Hayman

Film & Edit
Mitch Elder

Song : Andrew Applepie – Nobody Knows

Skim2Live is a non-profit skimboarding team based in Cypress, TX. Skim2Live hosts The Texas Skim Tour which consists of several skimboarding competitions and demo events across the state. All the proceeeds from the tour are donated to The Rose, a non-profit breast cancer organization.

2017 DB Pro/AM Results and Photos

The annual DB Pro/AM went down at Dash Point outside of Seattle, Washington last week with SeventyOne team rider Logan Davidson taking first place. Local photographer, Mel Levin, was kind enough to send over some photos from the skimboard contest and you can see more of her photos on her Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

1. Logan Davidson
2. Adrien Raza
3. Cody Mauer

2017 DB Pro/AM

The worlds longest running flatland skimboard contest is back again at Dash Point in Federal Way, Washington.

The 14th DB Pro/AM will be held at Dash Point State Park. This a great time for friendly competition. We will have 3 different divisions, we will have the U-16, Amateur and Pro division. A cash purse will be given out to the winners of the pro division and sweet gear will be given to the Amateur division. The Competition will be on July 8th, 2017 from 11am – 4pm! For more info/details, go HERE.

The 40th Annual VIC Video

The 2016 Vic Pro edit by Skylar Wilson is live! Congrats to Brandon Sears for taking first place!

Words by Tex Haines

I do not think we could have asked for a better 40th. It was a plethora of waves, a dearth of sand, an intimate soiree of sand, shorebreak, and sun for all the die hard skimboard fans of the world. Broadcast live around the planet to skimboarders in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, the Philippines, this was a weekend to remember.

It was a quantum leap in excitement, made possible by Matthieu Thibaud’s live scoring system of iPads and cell phone hotspots. For the very first time the riders knew exactly where the scores were falling and what they had to do to keep up or stay ahead. In the semi finals with Blair Conklin and Austin Keene, with only two minutes remaining, Austin was behind and pulled off a couple of huge rides to advance to the finals.

As amazing a rider as Brandon Sears is, he could not hold off the two time runner up. Austin would not be denied. Finishing his last wave, we all knew he had won and the crowd response was a classic chicken skin moment, he emerged from the water with his arms to the sky. Whooowee I will remember that for a long time.

A huge thanks to the sponsors, who make up the pro purse and donate a mountain of prizes for the winners bags. Your community support is so appreciated in our relatively unknown sport, and it goes a long way in making the Vic the very best contest.

It is a team effort. A heck of panel of veteran skimboarders make the judges decisions pretty hard to find fault with. Conley Ware, Keith Peery, Aaron Johnson, Kasey Kiernan, Lance Brooks, we thank you all so much for doing 16 hours of mind numbing conversions of wave rides into a cold hard numbers, sometimes two, three or four riders must be simultaneously dealt with.

Thanks my wife Lynn and my daughter Carly and her BF Nathanial, for handling the thousands of questions at the check in desk as well as pre and post parties and food and drinks for judges and endless questions from me for names on a heat sheet.

Thanks to Dominic Prietto for his stellar discography on Sunday. Skimming with music is the best! Thanks also to our Laguna station 93.5 for rocking the contest on Saturday.

Thanks to the Ranch for hosting our after party in the most memorable setting we have ever had. The patio of the Ranch is where you want to be come evening. The quiet is amazing.

We heard nothing but praise about the accomodations and the atmosphere for the skimboarding guests.

Photo by Sumner Miller


Sacramento Skimboard Sessions: Land of Slam


Sacramento is one of the holy lands of flatland skimboarding. For good reason too, with the likes of Lon Porteus, Matt Head, Matt Matteucci, Adam Balaam, Ruben Luis Gutierrez and a long, long, long list of skimboarders who changed and influenced flatland skimboarding for future generations. Matt McDonald recently made the trip to Sac for the Land or Slam skim Jam. Here’s part 1 of the trip featuring the photos Matt captured. Be on the lookout for the second blog post featuring Rollins Lake outside of Sacramento next week.

Words by Matt McDonad |

I recently made the trip down to Sacramento from Washington for the 2016 Land or Slam skimboard jam with DB Skimboards rider Isaac Thomas and SeventyOne rider Logan Davidson. It was my first trip to Sacramento for skimboarding. Since it was my last gig for DB Skimboards it seemed like a fitting end to my two years at the DB.

It was pretty hot when we arrived at Paradise Beach on the American River in Sacramento, California. A few cold beverages and a little bit of shade took care of the heat though. We showed up Kayotics riders Ruben Luis Gutierrez, Trey Conley and Jd Brown already had the shore lined with a bunch of features built just for the skim jam. A lot credit has to go that trio for putting on the event and making it such a fun day for everyone who showed up.

Some highlights from the jam were Sacramento local, Kenny Prattico, throwing down left and right. Logan Davidson’s big-ass shuv grab on the corrugated pipe and Isaac Thomas and Anthony Sitch clearing the barrel gap.

It was also great to connect with the local legends. Lon and Matt are two people who I have talked with online for years, but never had the chance to meet in person. I remember seeing photos from SkimFest in Sacramento on Myspace and it was what pushed me and my friends to skimboard more and try new tricks. Without Lon and the crew holding it down for years I don’t think flatland skimboarding would have progressed at all into what it is now (whatever that is).

The whole time we were at Paradise Beach people kept telling me it was a “mellow day” for the river spot. That was because no one was fighting. Plenty of yelling was taking place on top of the hill when skimboarders messed up, but nothing crazy happened. Naturally, towards the end of the skim jam a fight almost broke out. The heavily-tribal tattooed dudes compared stories about how they both got out of jail, their dogs were actually well behaved and decided not to fight that day.

I am sure they fought right after we left.

Overall it was an amazing experience. More companies and local crews need to put on local events. It really is the only way skimboarding will grow and it sure makes people go bigger.

After the jam we ventured to IN-N-Out to refuel and then met with Ruben, Trey and JD at the local bar Players. Agressive ping pong pong games went down and I had the chance to mingle with the locals, which was both hilarious and enlightening. After our pints were empty we ventured back to the hotel to get some sleep before venturing to Rollins Lake for a skim session the next morning.

Checkout my photos below and stay tuned for the second blog post next week.










































United Skim Tour: 2016 OBX Skim Jam

Another United Skim Tour video is live on the Internets! This one features the UST OBX Skim Jam.

Austin Keen came up with the win in Outer Banks this year landing him in 4th place on the tour. Hometown hero Perry Pruitt took second place solidifying his second place spot on the tour point standings. Jackon Tenney and Blair Conklin rounded out the top four adding solidly to their UST points totals.

Congrats to Watkins Holt and his team for taking over the event and doing a spectacular job the first time out of the gate.

Video/Edit: Shawn Kenney
Drone Footage Courtesy Of: