Ontario Skimboarding Open Photos, Video and Results

On July 29th we held the 3rd annual Ontario Skimboarding Open in Sauble Beach, Ontario. All divisions went hard to try and take home the top spots in each division. Notable mentions were Blake Zimmerman, Adam Ricketts, Henry Mackay, Nick…

Skimboarding a big day at The Wedge

ThisIsMov has been releasing videos on their Youtube channel and you do not want to miss out on the video that just showed up in our feed titled “Skimboarding a big day at The Wedge.” Make sure to watch this…

Skim2Live Recap Video by 2GNAR Texas Flatland Skimboarding

2GNAR TEXAS FLATLAND SKIMBOARDING presents…Skim2live hosted Skimjam 10 July 15th, 2017. 10 YEARS OF S2L skimjams! This year Professional Flatland Skimboarders Isaac Thomas (DB), Logan Davidson (71), Casey Gackle(DB) and Ruben Gutierrez(71) traveled to Texas for the final skimjam contest.…

Sevetyone Skimboards: The Texas Tapes

Sevetyone Skimboards riders, Logan Davidson and Ruben Gutierrez, took the trip to Texas for two days to film and ride in the Skim2Live Jam. Watch and enjoy!

2017 DB Pro/AM Results and Photos

The annual DB Pro/AM went down at Dash Point outside of Seattle, Washington last week with SeventyOne team rider Logan Davidson taking first place. Local photographer, Mel Levin, was kind enough to send over some photos from the skimboard contest…

Austin Keen Rider Profile

Take a look at the rider profile video by MOV. This was from a series MOV tried out on their website called “rider profile” that was basically a mini movie and an interview combo.

Exile Skimboards: Tom Bracht Chub Scout Summer Love

Exile Skimboards’s Chub Scout could just be the magical East Coast ticket to fun. Tom Bracht has been putting his skimboard through the works in all sorts of conditions at home in Delaware. Here’s a glimpse into what the Chub…

Sacramento Skimboarding: Land Or Slam / Rollins Lake Edit

Last summer equalmotion made the trip to Sacramento with DB Skimboards team rider, Isaac Thomas, and SeventyOne team rider Logan Davidson to meet up with Ruben Luis Gutierrez for some Sacramento skimboarding. They hit the American River for the Land…

Brad Domke Mini Movie: Triple Combo Platter Surf/Skurf/Skim/

When Brad Domke goes to the beach, he brings all of his toys. Skimboard, surfboard, and 8ft INT Soft Top. A good run of swell hit this little beach break in California and he was on it, run skimboarding at…

The Kayotics 2017 Skimboard Lineup Is Here!

The Kayotics Summer 17′ Line is here just in time for summer. New Pro Series boards are sicker than ever and some fresh colours in Channel ones. Get ’em before they’re gone. This is your first and final warning. Boards…

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