Adrien Raza: Indoor Skimboarding HISWA

The Dutch Skimboarding Association made it possible for Adrien Raza and crew had the to ride a brand new skim pool at the HISWA boat show! Check it out! We are stoked to see more indoor and urban skimboarding taking…

Interview with European Skimboard Champion Adrien Raza

DB Skimboards team rider and European Skimboard Champion Adrien Raza from the Netherlands was recently featured on the DB website and we got the go ahead to repost the interview and mini skimboard edit here. The European Cup series of…

Adrien Raza: 2013 Video Skimboarding Video

Adrien Raza very well could be the best flatland skimboarder in the world. Adrien skimboards in the Netherlands and literally owns it on a skimboard. This video of Adrien skimboarding is a great as example as to why we think…

Spring skim session with Adrien Raza and Skimsquad

A fun skimboarding with Adrien Raza and Skimsquad in Heerenveen, Netherlands. The riders featured in this video are: Max van Leeuwen Brend Platinga Adrien Raza Lisa van Leeuwen Jorn Platinga Gerben Krol Sebastiaan Breitsma Eduard Krol Lars Welling Kor Van…

DB Skimboards Giveaway

Team Rider Adrien Raza just put out a short edit AND is running a contest to win some free DB gear. All you have to is subscribe to his channel & leave a comment on the video. Go show your…

Indoor Skimboarding!

Some of Adrien Raza’s skimboarding footage from the 2013 Boot indoor skim jam. Props to Inland Skim Germany and the other sponsors for making it all happen!

OFFICIAL EDIT: Boot Düsseldorf Indoorskimjam 2013 by

The offical video of the boot Indoorskimjam 26th january 2013 by (learn more our third boot Düsseldorf exhibition was great! Great time with a lot of skimboarding. Results: 1. Adrien Raza 2. Daniel Prieß 3. Benjamin Nagel 4.…

Adrien Killing it at the SkimPark

Thanks to SB53 for building this amazing skimpark!

DST 2 | Holland Skim Jam

A video featuring some action from the Dutch Skimboard Tour. The wave were not good, and a bit far out, but the riders tried to make the best of it.

Flat Skim with Adrien Raza

] Several sessions with Adrien Raza shot in France and a few in Holland.

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