Skimboarding Big Beach Hawaii – Featuring Austin Keen

Checkout the dope edit featuring skimboarding at Big Beach in Hawaii and super shredder Austin Keen. This film and edit was created by Amir Zakeri and he did one hell of a job! Here’s some words from Amir: Big thanks…

Aliso Creek Skimboarding with Austin Keen

If ToeKneeMedia keeps putting out these skimboarding edits the stoke for skim will be at an all time high! Here’s another video featuring Austin Keen and some decent swell. “Austin Keen, myself and two stoked skimboarders from New York went…

Austin Keen hydroplaning: How does he do it?

Austin Keen professional Skimboarder hydroplaning to a wave at a distance that doesn’t seem physically possible to reach. Thisismov put out a video and asked a very good question about how Austin Keen is able to make it all the…

Pro Skimboarder Austin Keen Update

What’s new with pro skimboarder Austin Keen? Well, he’s one of the “Most Influential People in Wave Sports 2014” according to Surfer Today. Here’s a few more updates that Austin sent over. 1st Place at the 2014 Southside Shootout After…

Best of Austin Keen on United Skim Tour

Checkout the edit featuring the best of Austin Keen from the 2013 United Skim Tour season. And a big congrats to Austin Keen for winning the Cabo Contest last weekend! Credits: -Sununga World Cup Of Skimboarding – 2013 UST Stop…

Freewaters Adds Skimboarding World Champion Austin Keen to Ambassador Team

Freewaters footwear announces the addition of United Skim Tour World Champion Austin Keen to its ambassador team. “My connection to the ocean originally comes from surfing,” explains Keen. “But growing up on the Georgia coastline involves patience through flat spells.…

Interview with Austin Keen the 2013 Skimboarding World Champ

Austin Keen started surfing when he was 10-years old and then started sand skimming around on woodies here and there when he was about 11-years old and then was introduced to surfing waves on a skimboard when he was about…

2013 Exile Skimboards Oktoberfest Edit 03

Another edit of the 2013 Exile Skimboards Oktoberfest part of the United Skim Tour. This edit is by Dade Shields. “Exile Skimboards (Oktoberfest) contest in Newport was one to remember. If you couldn’t make it out this year, here is…

Mostic Inc: Summer Skimboarding with Austin Keen

Mostic Inc team rider Austin Keen shredding some tasty summertime waves in Laguna, California. Be sure to check out the Mostic website:

Mostic Inc: Austin Keen Spring 2013

Mostic Inc Team Rider Austin Keen enjoyed the 1st day of Spring for 2013, Including some West St, Aliso and some extra curricular activities. Enjoy! WWW.REPAVISION.COM

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