BEACH DECAY full skimboard movie

If you didn’t know, this is the new standard. Say goodbye to the decaying AM skim movie scene. This movie almost didn’t happen, but with the help many we present our third movie. Beach Decay. Our goal on this movie…

GOON: Full-length Skimboard Movie

Goon Media’s first full length skimboarding film has officially been released. GOON exposes the history of the Sacramento crew over the past two years and shows each stop of their tour to Washington and Canada during the summer of 2014.…

VanIsleSkim: Saratoga Beach Session

Another skimboarding video edit by VanIsleSkim, but this time at Saratoga Beach on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. This edit features Cam Montrose, Garret Bell and Jaedon McLellan.

Skim Daddy and The boys

Conspiracy Skimboards rider Devin Poulton just dropped a new edit featuring skim sessions at Balmers and Enderby in British Columbia. This flatland skimboarding edit features Devin Poulton, Alexander Poulton, Josh James Meadows-Brushetto, Thomas Bell, Andrew Roosdahl, Anthony Davis, Brian Greenfield…

Skim Groms: Noah Woodin and Mikhail Hanning

In an effort to get more skimboards stoked on skimboarding and improving their skim skills we are doing a series of features groms. This week we are featuring Noah Woodin and Mikhail Hanning from the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia,…

Skim Grom: Greyson Douglas

It’s always great to show the skim groms skimboarding to get them stoked on the sport of skim and to hopefully motivate them to keep pushing their skimboarding skills. So, we are going to start doing some “Skim Grom” features.…

Conspiracy Skimboards Beach Party Skim Jam

Conspiracy Skimboards threw a Beach Party Skim Jam in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada last weekend. Some standouts from the skim jam were Logan Davidson and Devin Poulton. The event was not a contest and was low key skim jam…

180 Indys at Sunset: Skimboarding with Pablo Castelo-Corry

“Trever Gatto always snapping them amazing sunset flicks. I believe I was working on 180 indys that evening,” said Pablo Castelo-Corry. This skimboarding photo by Trever Gatto captured in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Skimboarding Photo: Spanish Banks

A photo of Nigel Ching by Tim Ladner at Spanish banks in British Columbia, Canada. Nigel on the waters edge at a really low tide poppin’ a massive shuv over the sharp drop off water barrier. Make sure to send…

6th annual Skull Skates Skim Jam

The Skull Skates Skim Jam is going down at Gillies Bay Beach July 12 and 13th in British Columbia, Canada. Skim Jams: July 12 11:00-2:30 July 13 12:00-3:30 $5.00 to borrow a board and/or get a lesson from Skull Skates…

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