Interview With Skimboarder Lisa van Leeuwen

I met Lisa van Leeuwen, 20-year old flatland skimboarder, online a few ago. I was impressed by her love of the sport right away and she quickly became someone I looked out for and supported. This interview includes the European…

Luke Dirks | Pre season Holland trip

A few sessions of DB Skimboards rider Luke Dirks skimming in the Netherlands Thanks to  

Jermo de Lange Mini Movie

Some of the footage from August and September in Holland including never shown material of a road trip to San Sebastian.

VIDEO: Vrouwenpolder Skimboarden

One of the better sessions we had this year in Vrouwenpolder! If you got some questions about this spot feel free to ask!

DST 2 | Holland Skim Jam

A video featuring some action from the Dutch Skimboard Tour. The wave were not good, and a bit far out, but the riders tried to make the best of it.

Snow Skimboarding in Holland

Adrien Raza snow skimming in Holland.

2010 Dutch Skimfest

Two days ago was the 7th annual dutch skimfest. the organization was not as good as the other years but was still a really fun contest with a high skim level (for Holland).

Dutch Skimboarding Championship

On Saturday, May 22, 2010, the first stage of the first official Dutch Skimboarding Championship was held in Zandvoort, the Holland Skim Jam. Despite the weather,which was especially in the beginning quite a let down there was a very large turnout with 28 participants in the waveskim and 12 in the flatlandcompetition. Nice detail was that there were some foreign skimboarders in the contest too, from France, Germany, Aruba and St. Maarten.

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