Shawn Kenny on the Chub Scout by Exile Skimboards

Shawn Kenny rides Exile Skimboards newest shape the Chub Scout! The Chub Scout is about 3 inches wider than the pro shape. It allows you to have a TON of float at the cost of maneuverability. You will make it…

Shawn Kenny Pre Summer Skimboarding Sessions

The team at Exile Skimboards is always cranking out new edits and media that help provoke the stoke for skimboarding. Here’s some North Carolina skimboarding with Exile Skimboards team rider Shawn Kenny. The History of Exile Skimboards Exile Skimboards LLC…

Exile Skimboards: Shawn Kenny Pro Skimboarding 2013

This video was filmed on location in various spots on both the east and west coasts. Some footage is as old as 2011 and some as new as a few days ago. I may not be number one on the…

Skimboarding California Fall 2011

Shawn Kenny made the trip out to Southern California Sept 28th – Oct 12th. He skimboarded the Wedge, 10th Street and Crest Street.

Shawn Kenny Skimboarding

Video from a recent skim session with Shawn Kenny on March 21, 2011.

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