Hallifornia Skim Battle Results are in!

Photo credit: Magnus Karlsson The results from the Hallifornia Festival Skim battle in Sweden are in! Congrats to DB Skimboards team rider Adrien Raza for taking first and all of the skimboarders for completing in the event! Hallifornia Skim battle…

Flatland Magazine: DB European Skim Tour – Sweden

Photos, video and words by Matt McDonald | EqualMotion.com You can see the first four parts of this series here: – Poland – Netherlands – Denmark Blake Zimmerman, Richard Docter, Dallas Kingsbury, Adam Balaam, Adrien Raza, Daniel Priel and Friedrich…

DB Europeon Skim Tour UPDATE

Right now Americans Dallas Kingsbury, Blake Zimmerman, Richard Docter, Adam Balaam, Matt McDonald, Logan Davidson, Dutch rider Adrien Raza and German riders Daniel Priess and Friedrich Fluh are on a European skim tour. Thus far they have skimmed in the…

Inland Skim Germany – The Travel Edit

www.inlandskimgermany.de – 2012 – the travel edit from Inlandskimgermany on Vimeo. A short film about traveling all around europe: France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany and having a great time in Kassel. inlandskimgermany.de

Urbanbeach SkimJam

Check out this Youtube video from an urban skim jam in Sweden.

SkimTV – The Beginning

The first episode in the new skim.se project. SkimTV is a news podcast dedicated entirely to flatland skimboarding, featuring news, trick tips, flicks, reviews and interviews. In this first episode you will be introduced to the swedish skim scene by…

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