Skull Skates Skimboards: Tim Ladner Nano Edit

A nano edit by Vancouer, BC skimboarder and Skull Skates team rider Dylan Myranda of fellow team rider Tim Ladner at Spanish Banks. “Everyone seems to be digging the videos, so I made one for Tim Ladner, the guy is…

Lonesome Hunter (Spanish Banks Skimboarding)

Evan Moy, Tim Ladner and Quincy Fox go for a skimboarding session in British Columbia, Canada. The filming and editing was done by Quincy Fox. The boards used in this video is the Skull Skates skimboards hatchets. You can pick…

Winter skimboarding session at Wreck Beach

Join the Wrecking crew of Bryce Dickson, Trevor Gatto, and Tim Ladner, as they skim the frigid shores of Wreck beach on a cold November afternoon. With piercingly cold waters and broken skim rails they manage, or at least Trevor…

Skull Skates and Tim Ladner Team Up

Skull Skates skimboards bumps it up a couple of notches for the 2013 season. Born from the infamous Spanish Banks tidal flats in Vancouver Canada in 1995, Skull Skates Skims has proven itself as an innovator in flatland skim design…

B-sides and Bangers

Leftovers from the flatland skimboarding film “Pipe Dreams”. Shot in 60p and placed on a 24p timeline = slo mo Featuring Kyle Lynch, Tim Ladner, Dane Clark and Anthony Davis

Island Seshwan Skim Session

Last KYDA team trip for an unspoken time frame. Good good times in the sun with some prime homies …

Winter Skimfest

Tim Ladner and Kyle Lynch, roam the frigid beaches of Vancouver and White Rock to ensure quality control on the upcoming 2012 Kyda line up. So far we are extremely satisfied by the results, so will you after watching this video

KYDA Skimboards: Winter Skim (PART DEUX)

Kyle Lynch and Tim Ladner have been up to their usual hijinks on the mudflats of Greater Vancouver. Why in the dead of winter? They are testing Kyda’s 2012 skimboards and they are looking epic as can be. So get…

Couch Skimboarding | Sacramento Skim Fest 2011

The annual Sacramento Skimfest was held at Paradise Beach on 9-10-11. As well as local riders, other skimboarders attended this competition from Canada, Washington and Utah. Issac Thomas, Tony Sadler, Blake Zimmerman, Adam Ballam, Kyle Lynch, Tim Ladner, Addison Foote,…

KYDA goes HD

Montage of some fun in the sun. KYDAs first HD edit.

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