Skim Groms: Noah Woodin and Mikhail Hanning

In an effort to get more skimboards stoked on skimboarding and improving their skim skills we are doing a series of features groms. This week we are featuring Noah Woodin and Mikhail Hanning from the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia,…

Skim Grom: Greyson Douglas

It’s always great to show the skim groms skimboarding to get them stoked on the sport of skim and to hopefully motivate them to keep pushing their skimboarding skills. So, we are going to start doing some “Skim Grom” features.…

Skimboarder Profile: Sydney Pizza

Meet 10-year old grom Sydney Pizza from Maryland, USA. Photos by Wendy Caputo Words by Kelli Bean Q: Name? A: Sydney Leigh Pizza Q: What grade are you in school? A: I am in 5th grade at Garret Park Elementary…

Interview with Emma Houle

Meet 12-year old grom Emma Houle. Photos by Mia Houle Words by Kelli Bean Q: What grade are you in? A: I’m in 6th grade. Q: Where are you from and where are you living now? A: I’m from Louisiana…

Thomas D’Anieri

Thomas D’Anieri is from Wellesley, Massachusetts and loves skimboarding. Read more about him… How long have you been skimming? 3 years Where do you skim normally? Morses Pond, Cole Road Beach Who do you skim with? Whoever’s at the beach,…

Bailey Sampson

Bailey Sampson is a 14-year old skim grom from Victoria, Austriala. How long have you been skimming? 2 years strong! Where do you skim normally? Frankston Beach, Victoria Australia. Who do you skim with? Usually a couple of mates around…

Matt Taylor

Check out British Columbia skim grom Matt Taylor. What’s your name? Matt Taylor Where are you from? Vancouver B.C. How old are you? 13 How long have you been skimming? About 4 or 5 years Where do you skim normally?…

Tommy Jacobson

We had the opportunity to shoot off some questions to DB Skimboards rider Tommy Jacobson from NSW, Australia. Enjoy.

Dylan Maranda

Check out Vancouver, BC skimmer and Kayotics rider Dylan Maranda.

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