Project Hawaii: My Movie

A new skimboarding movie has recently hit the scene and the response has been great! Project Hawaii: My Movie is produced and directed by Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas. Most of you know Keiao as the first UST Women’s Champ, crowned last year in…

Interview with XTOutfitters

I wanted to do an interview with a company that sponsors skimboarders, as an educational piece for groms wanting desperately to be sponsored. The photos are of the team riders XTOutfitters sponsors, including a short bio for each, and the…

Skimboarder Profile: Ellen Wood

New Skimboarder Profile is with 18-year old Ellen Wood from Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. Ellen’s contest history will impress you, she is one dedicated skimmer! Ellen’s photo shoot was taken in Dewey Beach, Delaware. Enjoy! Words by Kelli Bean Photos…

Dillon Phillips

We had the opportunity to interview Texas skimboarder Dillion Phillips. Meet the Houston Texas skimboarder and 2Gnar Texas Rider.

The Lexi Chronicles – Secret Spot
Bradon Sears and Paulo Prietto resign with Exile

– By Exile Skimboards – That’s right folks, we have something to smile about today, and so do you. In proper Exile form, and to continue our reign of excellence, we’ve kept two relationships with team riders alive in the…

Nick Fraser

BC rider Nick Fraser throws it down. Read more.

Lexi Hutchings

Check our rider profile on Lexi Hutchings a skimboarder who regularly skims the Virgin River in Utah and Panama City, Florida.

Get a rider profile

– Want your skimboarding to get more exposure? – Help promote your area as a vital part to the skim scene? – Help your sponsors get some more exposure? – Get sponsored? Creating a skimboard rider profile on our Riders…

Trevor Thompson

Check out Sacramento rider Trevor Thompson

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